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Apr 24, 2009 ... RE: Interest in Cisco Certification Opportunities .... security and wireless concepts ; routing and switching fundamentals; the TCP/IP OSI models; ... Source:

A Survey of Mobile Cloud Computing: Architecture, Applications ...

Together with an explosive growth of the mobile applications and emerging of ... rapidly provisioned and released with the minimal management efforts or service ... from the mobile device to powerful and centralized computing platforms located ..... This prototype presents three services utilizing the Amazon's S3 Cloud ... Source:

A Survey on Security for Mobile Devices - School of Computing ...

Operating System (OS): less heterogeneity in OS allowed attackers to ... ( Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone OS) has increased ..... As an example of smart malware, recently a multifarious malware for .... Proof-of- concept worm. Source:

A Survey on Collision Detection Techniques for Virtual Environments

collision detection that can be used for real time interactive virtual .... By dividing the space occupied by 3D objects in the environment, one needs to check. Source:

Survey of Activities in 2004 - University of Ljubljana - Univerza v ...

is starting and the data refers to that program. .... FOURTH YEAR. General Courses ..... Programming 2 (C and Java), Operating Systems, Computer Graphics,. Source:

Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys for Detailed Glaciological ...

The first use of impulse radar (Ground Penetrating Radar,. GPR) for ... radar surveys for a variety ofglaciological applications. such surveys. an: it m may be ... The objgctives of this article are twofold: firstly, to introduce the principles of RES. Source:

2013 Executive Coaching Survey - Sherpa Executive Coaching

to help clients deal with the complexity of change, managing stress on a day-to- day ... Executive coaching is a rapidly growing business for a very good reason: ... Source:

Survey on Frequent Pattern Mining - Columbia University

Survey on Frequent Pattern Mining. Bart Goethals. HIIT Basic Research Unit. Department of Computer Science. University of Helsinki. P.O. box 26, FIN-00014  ... Source:

A survey on software architecture analysis methods - Software ...

IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, VOL. 28, NO. 7, JULY 2002 ...... acteristics and intrinsic properties resulting from the development process ( such as size, modularity, complexity, ..... cheaper errors), 2) should support all possible quality ... methods for measurement. Two approaches could be ... Source:

Dimensions of Neural-symbolic Integration — A Structured Survey

derstand human cognition, i.e. to pursue the question how higher cognitive ... Source:

Outlier Detection Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey

[19] P.N. Tan, Knowledge Discovery from Sensor Data, Sensors, 2006. [20] I.F. Akyildiz, W. Su, Y. Sankarasubramaniam, and E. Cayirci, Wireless ... Source:

Editorial Survey: Swarm Intelligence for Data Mining

cessful applications of swarm intelligence include the modeling of agent ...... An explicit clustering is achieved by the introduction of a clustering rule. ... Source:

Patient and Significant Others Health Surveyй

food sensitivity. (ex: soymilk, cows milk). ■ gynecological disorders. ■ headaches. ■ IBS. ■ infertility. ■ learning disabilities. ■ liver disorders ... Source:

Survey - Haptic rendering: introductory concepts - Computer ...

ment's graphic, sound, and force responses toward the user; and. ■ transducers, which convert visu- al, audio, and force signals from the computer into a ... Source:

Results of PT and PTA Program Textbook Survey

Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards: With Online Student Consult ... Source:

A Survey of Structural Optimization in Mechanical Product Development

acorustics [39], structure-electromagnetics [40], fluid-structure ..... Taguchi methods in experiments using orthogonal arrays representing vari- ous combinations of control ..... timization of Large Reflector Antenna Systems,” Struct. ... Source:

A Survey of Techniques Used in Algebraic and Number Theoretic ...

number theoretic operations. 1 Introduction. The past few decades have witnessed a ... ematicians, in the field of computational number theory and algebra. ... Source:

A survey on emerging broadband wireless access technologies

Wireless broadband technologies provide ubiquitous broadband access to wireless ... Advanced Wireless Networks: 4G Technologies, Wiley Publishing, 2005]. ... Source:

VoIP over Wireless LAN Survey

make people think twice before deploying VoIP on a wireless network, since “a wireless. LAN for voice costs about double what a data-only one costs,” ... Source:


grouped into the same cluster, while the polysem bank may be divided according to ... †Department of Mathematics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, ..... A modification similar to the Google trick can also be applied to HITS. ..... On one test exam- ple, they report faster convergence, most especially in ... Source: