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Applications of Ontologies in Software Engineering - CiteSeer

Abstract. The emerging field of semantic web technologies promises new ... variety of ontology-enabled approaches to Software Engineering. In this .... Problem addressed: Modern Software Engineering practices advise developers to look for ... Source:

Towards a taxonomy of software connectors - Software Engineering ...

presents a comprehensive classification framework and taxonomy of software ... Keywords software architecture, software connector, classification, taxonomy ... Source:

Software Engineering for Modern Web Applications : Methodologies ...

Software engineering for modern Web applications : methodologies and technologies / Daniel M. Brandon, editor. p. cm. Summary: "This book presents current, ... Source:

The Art and Science of Software Architecture - Software Engineering ...

tools, the subject of systems and software architecture is frequently at the core. In ..... The goal of MDA is to offer a conceptual framework for using models .... such as process guides, and handbooks of best practice, which we generically refer to ..... specifically to support those practitioners by automating many of the SOMA ... Source:

Software Quality: Quarter 4 2007 - ASQ

The Westfall Team provides Software Engineering, Quality & Project .... this book follows the categories of the ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer Body of ... Source:

Software Engineering:

Software engineering : effective teaching and learning approaches and practices / Heidi J.C. Ellis, Steven A. Demurgian, and J. Fernando. Naveda, editors. ... Source:

An Introduction to Software Engineering 1 The Engineering of ...

notable software engineer and author of the legendary book The Mythical Man. Month, expresses an analogy,. The programmer, like the poet, works only slightly  ... Source:

Using Concept Mapping to Teach Software ... - Testing Education

I had incorporated testing into my software engineering classes at both the ... I had the course material developed by Cem Kaner and his books on testing as ... Source:

Geriatric Issues of Aging Software

4 CROSSTALK The Journal of Defense Software Engineering. December 2007. Software Sustainment. As the 21st century advances, more ..... This practice makes it difficult to distinguish maintenance costs from ... Source:

A Gentle Introduction to Software Engineering

Roger Pressman expresses it this way in his book Software Engineering a Practitioner's Approach (4th ed.) [Pressman, 1997]: ”A picture is worth a thousand  ... Source:

Software Engineering and Intro to Testing

“Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach - Fourth Edition” Pressman, ... HP Software Engineering via Martin Griss ... We have books of standards. Source:

Object Oriented Software Engineering

Shari Pleeger is a decent book on the software engineering as a whole, esp. Life cycles, testing, delivery and maintenance issues. Gamma, Helm, Johnson and ... Source:

CS 501 Software Engineering

Oct 3, 2011 ... CS 5150, Software Engineering ... 2) Write your answers in an examination book. WRITE YOUR NETID ON THE FRONT OF EACH BOOK. Source:

Advanced Software Engineering

I. Jacobson et. al., Object-oriented Software Engineering, Addison-Wesley, 1992; (UML books); (software reuse related papers). Outline of my presentation. Source:

Software Engineering and Research Methods

Software Projects: Software Engineering and Research Methods .... System must keep track of when books and journals are borrowed and returned; System ... Source:

Emerging Trends in Software Engineering

R.S. Pressman & Associates, Inc. Boca Raton ... Increasing integration of software engineering and system ..... A new edition of my book covers trends in detail:. Source:

Software Engineering - Computer Science

Preface. This book is a comprehensive study of software engineering, with emphasis on the practical application of formal methods. While formal methods are an ... Source:

History of Software Engineering

Dissemination issue – To what degree were particular books (e.g. Fred Brooks, Myth- ical Man-Month) or conferences (NATO on software engineering) ... Source:

Towards Innovation at the Intersection of Software Engineering and Art

sion in the interdisciplinary field between art and software engineering. ... methods, models, and tools for innovation and creativity in software development. Source:

How we teach software engineering The Challenge ... - ResearchGate

How we teach software engineering. Christine Mingins, Jan ... software development in a student learning environment ... The course, Software Engineering Practice, introduces software ... aim to introduce OO design as an approach which supports the .... SimOcean is extremely successful as a student project for a number ... Source: