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Distributed fiber-optic stress-location measurement by arbitrary ...

Abstract—A functional distributed fiber-optic stress-location measurement technique by arbitrary shaping of the optical coher- ... Source:

Magnetic Resonance Safety Testing of a Newly- Developed Fiber ...

Therefore, the purpose of this investigation was to use in vitro testing techniques to determine MR safety at. 1.5-Tesla/64 MHz for this fiber-optic cardiac ... Source:


fiber-optic fluorimetry, a technique that ordinarily exhibits large signal backgrounds ... fiber-optic measurement of the most common fluorescent label, ... Source:

Multimode Optical Fiber Bandwidth Characterization

In the context of standard measurement techniques for optical BW, however, ..... loss measurements. The best prediction of field fiber optic system ... Source:$ALL/AEN081/$FILE/AEN081.pdf

Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series

Proof of link performance is an integral part of the design, fabrication, and installation of any fiber optic system. Various measurement techniques are ... Source:

Coated fiber-optic hydrophone for ultrasonic measurement

Keywords: Fiber-optic sensors; Ultrasound pressure measurement; Shock waves. 1. Introduction ... technique is used for evaporation, hard coatings are ... Source:

Multidimensional strain field measurements using fiber optic ...

Multidimensional strain field measurements using fiber optic grating sensors .... By optimizing optical fiber and demodulation techniques ... Source:

Permanent Link Testing of Multimode and Singlemode Fiber Optic ...

Knowledge of the fundamental operation of fiber optic light transmissions ... Understanding proper fiber cleaning techniques ... Source:

Kemtrak DCP007 Process Photometer for in-line ICUMSA color measurement

Robust fiber optic measurement cell - no ... dichromatic measurement technique that compensates for particulates, allowing accurate ... Source:

fiber test solutions

advanced test and measurement solutions to the fiber optic industry, the staff at ... Fully integrated interferometric and wavelength scanning techniques ... Source:

OFDR-Based Distributed Sensing and Fault Detection for Single- and ...

single- and multi-mode avionics fiber-optics. Multiple measurement examples within .... Effectively, with the Rayleigh scatter sensing technique, the fiber ... Source:

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors for PEM Fuel Cells

the measurement technique in operating fuel cells. The fiber optic probe can be very small in profile, low mass, low cost and rugged for real world ... Source:

Comparison of Fiberoptic, Microtip, Water and Air-charged Pressure ...

microtip catheter, water filled catheter, fiberoptic catheter and then .... Ask, P. and Hok, B., Pressure measurement techniques in urodynamic ... Source:

Stator Bar Vibration Sensors and Fiber-Optic Accelerometers

measurement technique, and a Fiber-Optic Accelerometer (FOA) based on a bi- refringent or wave interference measurement technique. ... Source:


However, the optical fibre measurement being as a new technique, ... The optical fibre measurement techniques demonstrate their significance in at least two ... Source:

Fibre Optic Distributed Scattering Sensing System: Perspectives ...

The technique makes use of standard low-loss single-mode optical fibre ..... optic sensors: experimental results, Measurement Science and Technology, ... Source:

Distributed Strain Measurement in Steel Bridge with Fiber Optic ...

5 Jan 2009 ... distributed measurement technique lies in the potential to assess the ... Recent advances in fiber optic sensor (FOS) technologies have ... Source:

Performance comparison of intensity-modulated and interferometric ...

interferometric fiber optic sensors for displacement measurement ... 5 Investigation into signal processing techniques for interferometric approach ... Source:

Polarization-induced noise in a fiber-optic Michelson ...

In interferometric systems, such as the fiber-optic Michelson interfer- ..... I. Sanz and M. A. Muriel, ''Measurement technique for charac- ... Source:

Proposal and testing for a fiber-optic-based measurement of flow ...

measurement of the mean velocity profile. The ex- periment verifies the working principle of the fiber- optic technique and demonstrates its applications. ... Source: