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Skin-Effect Self-Heating in Air-Suspended RF MEMS Transmission ...

developed in this paper can guide the design of RF MEMS components with ..... increasing the transmission-line thickness is the most practical design approach  ... Source:

MEMS reliability in a vibration environment - Sandia MEMS

Presented at IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium, San Jose, CA, April 10-13, 2000, pp. 139-145. .... The MEMS devices were unpowered during the test. Device .... Upon further SEM inspection, residual material is present at the. Source:

MEMS: Mainstream Process Integration

The initial yield and service reliability of MEMS devices depends on controlling ... associated materials are external to the hermetic MEMS volume. ... (pressure and temperature cycle) testing to automotive reliability specifications. ... Source:

Effects of Radiation on MEMS

Korvink, eds., , [Reliability of MEMS: Testing of. Materials and Devices] ( Advanced Micro and Nanosystems series), Wiley-VCH (2008). Proc. of SPIE Vol. ... Source:

Reliability of MEMS for space applications

We examine how MEMS reliability is handled in commercial MEMS devices used ... Source:

Developments in Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS ... - Issys

MEMS packaging, and reliability testing. CAD tools for ... MEMS devices have been commercialized. In our ... packaging techniques for MEMS devices, section 6 a discussion ... ness of materials is typically a few microns, changes in fabrication. Source:

Reliability of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) - LAS

overall MEMS reliability issues and present results on reliability testing of ... growth in MEMS fabrication techniques, designs, materials, devices, and the related ... Source:

Director or Manager MEMS Packaging and Test

3 Jan 2011 ... integration, and testing of MEMS devices;. • Develop and/or provide guidance for new assembly methods, materials, and tooling; ... up and lead electrical and mechanical testing laboratory, including reliability testing; ... Source:

Update on RF MEMS Switch Reliability Overview MEMS for Military ...

20% of the dielectric material as compared to a full capacitive switch, ... cycles at the advanced MEMS testing facility at the Air Force Research Laboratory ... Over the past five years, RF MEMS device developers have been honing their ... Source:

Perspective of LTCC Technology for SiP and MEMS Packaging

Perspective of LTCC Technology for SiP and MEMS Packaging ... System in Package and MEMS Packaging ... Advanced Processes and Materials. • Advanced ... Source:

MEMS reliability-IEEE Paper 06

devices is the degradation of the materials. These materials are known to ... Source:

Reliability in MEMS Packaging - San Jose State University

production cost of MEMS devices, reliability addresses consumer's confidence in ... reliability of. MEMS; packaging, in particular, in bonding and sealing, material ... stresses/strains induced by fabrications and testing for reliability are a few of ... Source:

On-chip monitoring of MEMS gear motion

needed to fully test the device reliability. MEMS devices in hermeti- .... In the SUMMiT™ process, all sidewall materials are polycrystal- ... Source:

Reliability of MEMS for space applications - Infoscience - EPFL

We examine how MEMS reliability is handled in commercial MEMS devices ... Accelerated tests adapted to space qualification are presented as a means to ... hardness, material and suspension designs for high shock resistance (over 1000 G) ... Source:

An introduction to mechanical-properties-related issues in MEMS ...

JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE 38 (2 0 0 3 ) 4115 – 4123. An introduction to ... sure flawless operation of MEMS devices in satellites or space stations where ... some investigators on mechanical testing and reliability studies of MEMS ... Source:

Surface Topology and Fatigue in Si MEMS Structures

Sharpe, Jr., W.N., and Turner, K.T., “Fatigue Testing of Materials Used in ... W ., and Muhlstein, C.L., “Materials Reliability in MEMS Devices,” ... Source:

An introduction to mechanical-properties-related issues in MEMS ...

chanical tests, on MEMS scale, to examine the effect of various processing ... Source:

A Perspective on the Reliability of MEMS-Based Components for ...

In the absence of standardized testing, more extensive knowledge of failure modes, and the associated reliability of MEMS-based devices, many OEMs have ... Source:

Reliability of RF MEMS Switches at High and Low Temperatures ...

Hence, device reliability as a function of temperature presents a new ... reviewed for the purpose of reliability testing at various temperatures; 4) concluding remarks on ..... MEMS materials, J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 51 (2003) 47- 67. ... Source:


... device, some perforated microstructures are often designed to avoid the stiction ... different shapes in MEMS devices have been widely analyzed by many researchers ..... [8] M. Bao. Analysis and Design Principles of MEMS Devices. Elsevier. Source: