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A Platform-Based Approach to Communication Synthesis for Embedded ...

19 May 2008 ... 4.3 The system-level specification of a simplified Set-Top ... Source:


Surviving the SOC Revolution: A Guide to Platform-Based Design, Kluwer Academic. Publishers, 1999. 2. Alberto Ferrari and Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, ... Source:

A New (Better) Approach to Tin Whisker Mitigation

Ni = 0.05 microinches/sec; Printed Circuits Handbook, 6th Edition, Clyde Coombs, . 2008. 3 K.N. Tu experiments found Cu3Sn at temperatures above 60C [34. ... Source:

Testable Interconnects for a Board Self-Test Approach

[Co88] Coombs,C.F. Jr.: “Printed Circuits Handbook”,. McGraw-Hill Book Company, San Francisco,. California, U.S.A. 1988. [De91] Demler, M.J.: “High Speed ... Source:

A genetic algorithm approach to scheduling PCBs on a single machine

Coombs, C. F., 1988, Printed Circuits Handbook (New York: McGraw-Hill). Cunningham, P., and Browne, J., 1986, A lisp based heuristic scheduler automatic ... Source:

A Spontaneous Content Based Filtering Approach for Network Security

[15] Nazario, Jose, Defense and Detection. Strategies against Internet Worms, Artech. House Publishers, 2003. [16]. Network Intrusion Prevention. Systems. ... Source:

A Forced Sampled Execution Approach to Kernel Rootkit Identification

Rootkits for Dummies. John Wiley and Sons. Ltd., 2006. 2. Avira. Avira rootkit detection. Avira-Rootkit-Detection.htm. ... Source:

An Engineering Approach for Secure and Safe Wireless Sensor and ...

rity parameters in such a way that the security and de- ..... Foundations of Se- curity: What Every Programmer Needs to Know. Apress, ... Source:

An Ontological Approach Applied to Information Security and Trust

Stewart, JM, Tittel, E & Chapple, M 2005 CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional. Study. Guide, 3rd edn, Sybex. Undercoffer, J, Joshi, A, ... Source:

First approach to Design a Web Service Honeypot, WSpot

Certified Information Systems Security. Professional, Study Guide. Sybex, 2003. [18] W3C. Web services architecture.; ... Source:

Programming Approaches and Challenges for Wireless Sensor Networks

straction by allowing the architecture-independent specifi- cation of application behavior and ..... Programming Wireless Sensor Networks using Kairos . In ... Source:

The Bio-Networking Architecture: A Biologically Inspired Approach ...

Our project is not the first to use biological principles in the design of network applications. [3] [10] used the immune system as a model for network ... Source:


work provides the simulation control panel and model parameter ... Complex systems display interesting interactions between the elements of the sys- .... brain must self organize. According to Segev [63] although the large-scale ( above ... When interactions between the agents are complex, nonlinear, discontinuous ... Source:

A new approach to the design of mode switching control in hard ...

new approach in designing MSC with an application to HDD servo systems. The proposed scheme uses ... Basically, the servo system of a hard disk drive (HDD) ... Source:

An Approach to the Modular Design of Medical Research Systems

Build Your Own Database Driven. Website Using PHP & MySQL. Australia: SitePoint. [13] Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology Clinic ... Source:

Sparse Polynomial Space Approach to Dissipative Quantum Systems ...

15 Apr 2009 ... Sparse Polynomial Space Approach to Dissipative Quantum Systems: Application to the Sub-Ohmic Spin-Boson Model. A. Alvermann and H. Fehske ... Source:

7 Field-Theory Approaches to Nonequilibrium Dynamics

It is explained how field-theoretic methods and the dynamic renormalisation ... formalism can be applied to nonequilibrium systems such as driven diffusive lattice gases. ... other important universality classes are mentioned, and some open issues are ...... In lattice models, there is a finite wavevector cutoff, ... Source:


Topological Methods in Nonlinear Analysis. Journal of the Juliusz Schauder ... Source:

An asymptotic preserving approach for nonlinear Schrodinger - [hal ...

8 Feb 2010 ... Semi-classical analysis for nonlinear Schrödinger equations ... Source:

Mathematical Programming Approach to Dynamic Resource Allocation ...

government policy, optimal search, experiments and learning, and game theory. We wish to note that in the field of decision making, classical bandit prob- ... Source: