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A Bayesian approach to Markov modelling in cost-effectiveness ...

model is then analysed by using a Bayesian approach and for completeness the results are com- .... Random-effect meta-analysis models were used to combine the data throughout. ... with the estimate of τ2, though profile likelihood methods exist ... When the outcome of interest was based on binary data, required for ... Source:

A hierarchical regression approach to meta-analysis of diagnostic ...

table of summary data, showing the agreement between the binary test ... Profile likelihood is used to derive estimates of the slope and ...... contrast, likelihood ratios statistics estimated using the HSROC model are calculated at the ... Source:

Outline Motivating Example: Univariate Baysian Approach

Binary responses: ● Expert opinions on the improvement (δ = p1 – p0) .... Including likelihood function, profile likelihood, implied likelihood, .... a CD from clinical data. ● Combined CD using normal function (explicit): An example: weights ... and a unifying framework for meta-analysis. Technical report. ... Source:

New Approaches to 3D Algorithm Design

He co-authored the book Geometric Algebra for Physicists and is ... Professionals associated with computer graphics, computer animation and computer ... Source:


Shape estimation is the enabling step to performing tasks such as autonomous navigation, object recognition, and human- ..... bayesian image restoration based on a product of t-distributions image ... 3-D Shape Reconstruction and Image Restora- tion: Exploiting Defocus and Motion-Blur. Springer-Verlag, 2006. 2 ... Source:

A new modeling approach by global and local characterization

the double characterization (local and global) of a 3D object. We ... and implicit surfaces. In Computer Graphics Forum (Euro- graphics'95 Proc. ... Source:

Practical Guide to Designed Experiments: A Unified Modular Approach

Spring Designer's Handbook, Harold Carlson. 2. Computer-Aided Graphics and Design, Daniel L. Ryan. 3. Lubrication Fundamentals, J. George Wills ... Source:


Teaching English with Technology – Special Issue on LAMS and Learning Design, 11 (1), 48-61. 48. THEORETICAL APPROACH TO DISTILLATION OF PEDAGOGICAL ... Source:


solidification and crystallization behavior of the melt without changing the intrinsic properties of the hard magnetic phase[ 11. From studies of arc-melted ... Source:

Phase-field approach to polycrystalline solidification including ...

many aspects of polycrystalline solidification are still little understood. The complexity of multigrain crystallization is ... Source:

Application of Pharmacological Approaches to Plant–Mammal Interactions

Molecular Biomethods Handbook. Humana Press Inc., Totowa, NJ. SAIER, M. H. J. and PAULSEN, I. T. 2001. Phylogeny of multidrug transporters. Cell Dev. Biol. ... Source:

Agent-based Approaches and Classical Optimization Techniques for ...

mathematical optimization techniques are analyzed and compared. ... For a long time, mathematical optimization techniques based on ... Source:

An Embedded Charging Approach for RSVP 1 Introduction

nisms to enable fine-grained charging of network communication. After a user- centric identification of re- quirements for charging mechanisms, a formal ... Source:

A Middleware-Based Approach for Mobile Service Delivery

different operating systems and network communication protocols. External Interface Module: The module takes charge of providing usable APIs for different ... Source:

An Approach to Strengthen Expert System Shell with Knowledge ...

[24] Leondes C., Fuzzy Logic and Expert Systems. Applications, Academic Press, 1998. [25] Leung K. S. and Lam W., “Fuzzy Concepts in ... Source:,no.3/4-alauddin.pdf

The proposed Fuzzy Logic Navigation approach of Autonomous Mobile ...

based on the fuzzy logic and expert system. The robot moves within ...... through application of a fuzzy logic inference method to the ... Source:

Mathematical Modeling of Natural Phenomena: A Fuzzy Logic Approach

of an animal's behavior (e.g., foraging in ants) and, using fuzzy logic ... bility of fuzzy expert systems and led the way to numerous applications (see, ... Source:

A Control-Theoretic Approach to Power Management in Embedded ...

Suggested Topics: Power management, Low-power embedded systems ... Embedded microprocessors have been built into a wide range of consumer devices to ... lished mathematical techniques to analyze the correctness and .... The controller, therefore, solves a multi-variable optimization problem involving U( t) and E(t), ... Source:


Jack Welch Speaks; Wit and Wisdom from the world's. Greatest Business Leader, John Willy & Sons, 2007. Nikkei Sangyo, Nikkan Kogyo News, Mainichi News, ... Source:

Towards a business-centric approach to measuring workplace ...

7 Froggatt C (2001) Work Naked: Eight Essential Principles for Peak Performance in the Virtual. Workplace Jossey-Bass, San Francisco ... Source: