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Making Sense of Stories: A Rhetorical Approach to Narrative Analysis

are used to make sense of organizational life (Weick 1995) and to communicate .... constructed meanings, rather than mathematical reasons and logic. .... and improved service, but it has to be done for the right reasons, which are not political. Source:

Approach Channels – A Guide for Design Progress of ... - pianc

for the Reception of Large Ships (ICORELS) ... operation with IMPA and IALA, published preliminary ... Use of ship navigation simulation in channel design. Source:

Design Approaches of Android for Students - International Journal of ...

Dec 5, 2010 ... Manuscript revised December 20, 2010 ... implemented a program that helps students to improve their study using a note of wrong answers, ... Professional JAVA programmers and non-professionals .... (The latest version is 'gingerbread 2.3'). So ... [6] Mark L Murphy , “Android Programming Tutorials, 3rd. Source:

A Strategic Approach to Protecting SCADA and Process ... - Resources

A Strategic Approach to Protecting SCADA and. Process Control Systems. IBM Internet Security Systems White Paper ... Source:

The Unified Approach to Modeling of Software Project Management ...

Keywords: Project, Project management, PMBOK, Process model, Life cycle ... more formally known as project management process groups, knowledge areas ... Source:

INT13 An integral approach to electromagnetic scattering: A ...

Nov 12, 2013 ... solutions obtained with models based on differential formulations. ... In the frequency domain, discretisation and solution methods have ... integral equation models for electromagnetic and acoustic problems. .... of the iterative method, the characteristics and performance of the parallel Multilevel Fast ... Source:

A Modeling and Optimization Approach for Multiple Energy Carrier ...

Abstract— This paper presents a general power flow and opti- ... discussed in terms of technology and defined as the ”interface ..... because these equations do not include physical details such .... loss mechanisms (square/cube of power). Source:

Comparison of Control Approaches for Permanent Magnet Motors

Brushless DC (BLDC) motors were developed to offer a reliable, high performance ... Chapter 2 presents a brief background to permanent magnet motor drives. Source:

Citizenship Education for Better World Societies: A Holistic Approach

At the recent 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development held in South ... 3. What type of education do we need to prepare for such citizenship? What. Source:

Strategic approach to preventing occupational stress - irsst

introducing organisational interventions to prevent stress in the workplace and on ... Evaluating the effectiveness of stress interventions aiming at reducing the ... Source:

Council conclusions on an integrated approach to more effective risk ...

Dec 13, 2011 ... THE EUROPEAN UNION. EN. Council conclusions on an integrated approach to more effective risk, emergency and crisis communication. Source:

A Simpler (and Better) SQL Approach to Relational Division

1999. ISBN 0-8053-1755-4. Kroenke, David. Database Processing Fundamentals,. Design and Implementation. Ed. Prentice-Hall,. 2000. ISBN 0-13- 084816-6. Source:

A strengths based approach to team development and leadership

Expanding our Experience and Expertise: Implementing Effective Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Programs. March 12-14, 2012. Baltimore, MD. Sandy Rice . Source:

MDA: A Formal Approach to Game Design and Game Research

gap between game design and development, game criticism ... user experience must bottom out, somewhere, in code. As ..... —Formal Abstract Design Tools. Source:

Tension stiffening approach in concrete of tensioned ... - Springer

Mar 11, 2014 ... primordial task in reinforced concrete mechanic field. In ... behaviour of concrete strength, reinforcement ratio, bar ... tension stiffening behaviour in RC and FRP reinforced ... have been proposed to design RC structures. Source:

A Teamwork-based Approach to Programming Fundamentals with ...

May 21, 2008 ... we have time teach a substantial number of advanced Java topics. Finally .... programming and design skills, we introduce a set of expert lec-. Source:

A new approach to the estimation of undrained settlement of shallow ...

to achieve a simple unified design methodology, which could satisfy both safety ... The possible use of MSD in the design of shallow foundations on soft clay is. Source:

Design approaches and criteria for earthquake-resistant shallow ...

1 INTRODUCTION. The current practice for earthquake-resistant design of shallow foundations on non-liquefiable soil is to ensure that a generous reserve of ... Source:

An Intuitive Approach To Understanding Current Feedback Amplifiers

Amplifier Theory and Applications”. [2] Bode H. W., “Network Analysis And ... Source:


consequences in the retrofitting design of the existing buildings which were built ... structure with small shear walls) and q = 3.28 for the building B ... Source: