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ceedings of 2006 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, ... Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, IEEE Press, Taipei, Tai- wan, pp. 3365–3370. ... which allows fast and accurate classification, clustering and relevance ... Source:

T306 – Managing Complexity: A systems approach

Innovation, creativity, thinking outside the box and flexibility in his management were ... as complex, a systemic process of inquiry, or to see systems as ... Source:

Parallel Approach for Diagnosis of Breast Cancer using Neural ...

Neural Networks: a systematic introduction. Springer-Verlag, 1996. [7] R. Owen Rigers. A framework for parallel data mining using neural networks. ... Source:

Kohonen neural network and factor analysis based approach to ...

Neural Networks. A Systematic Introduction. Springer-Verlag, Berlin. Song, X.H., Hopke, P.K., 1996. Kohonen neural network as a pattern recognition method ... Source:

An Engineering Approach to Enterprise Architecture Design and its ...

accepted and powerful standard language to design, communicate and teach EA designs exists. ...... [ABS07] Avallone, E. A.; Baumeister, T.; Sadegh, A.: Marks' Standard Handbook For Mechani- cal Engineers. 11th edition, Mcgraw-Hill Professional 2007. ... Handbook of Mechanical Engineering. Springer, Berlin 1994 . ... Source:

Applied Electromagnetics: Early Transmission Lines Approach

MATLAB is also integrated into the chapters, allowing readers to ... He is also the author of Fundamentals of Electromagnetics with Engineering Applications ... Source:

An Active Learning Approach To Teaching Mechanics of Materials

The Course. • 200-level course taken in the sophomore or junior year (ME 223). • Often called “Mechanics of Materials” or. “Strength of Materials” ... Source:

Distributed Clustering of Streaming Sensors: A General Approach

13. P. P. Rodrigues, J. Gama, and L. Lopes. Requirements for clustering ... Source:

A Relational Approach to Sensor Network Data Mining

from a wireless sensor network has been presented. References. 1. International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery from Sensor Data (Sensor- ... Source:


researches of spatial knowledge discovery focused on the methods of data mining .... Data. Collection. Survey Instrument, Sensor,Weather, Map Digitization ... Source:


conceptualizes a genetic algorithm that sandwiches a relational database of ecosystem and environmental parameters between ... chemistry and spreads through many functions that ..... vector (sounder) formats depending upon sensor design ... in model building, they may be beyond use in GIS terms ... Source:

Computer Vision Approach for Ultrasound Doppler Angle Estimation

quantitative evaluation of blood flow velocities, and these measurements play a crucial rule in the ..... automatic Doppler angle estimation in ultrasound imaging. US ... Matasar KW, Ranval T: Duplex diagnostic criteria, a survey of ... Source:

A Circuit Theory Approach to Recurrent Neural Network ...

is shown that a circuit theory approach, based on Signal Flow Graphs ...... its similarity with Werbos' theory. Section 3.4 describe the classical theory of ... Source:

Spectral Subtraction Approach for Interference Reduction of MIMO ...

2. INTERFERENCE REDUCTION FOR MIMO. CHANNEL WIRELESS SYSTEM. The features of our approach ..... Performance Analysis for Generalized Spectral Subtraction ... Source:$/sci/pdfs/P188056.pdf

Comparison of IC and MEMS Packaging Reliability Approaches

MEMS device reliability depends on its materials and wafer level processes and sealing .... example, an extensive reliability testing of MEMS devices ... Source:

Systematic Approach for Error Proofing Transaction Processes.

proofing concepts: the FMEA, TRIZ Solution Directions, and the Error ...... probability that an error could occur each time. For example, in banks if an error in one ... which should result in long term success. Banks utilized Deming's 14 ..... He published the book The Strategic Vision for Acceleration Six Sigma. ... Source:

Six Sigma Approach for Quality Management in Plastic Injection ...

The focus on achieving six sigma quality is commonly referred to as design for six sigma (DFSS). ... FMEA, MSA and particularly Gage R&R are tools that serve largely in a ... on probability of success, time to execute, impact on resources , and cost. ... poka-yokes or mistake proof devices that utilize light, sound, ... Source:

Chapter 1 The approach to performance measurement - Report on ...

information on the effectiveness and efficiency of government services in Australia ... Disadvantage reports can be found on the Review web page (www.pc. ... managing adverse events, including the work of emergency services (such as .... outcomes and service quality. The focus of this Report is on the ... Source:

An outcomes approach in social care and support: an overview of ...

It is important to distinguish outcomes of a service from quality ... money and effectiveness of services it will be necessary to set outcomes in a financial ... Since then further development work has been undertaken and a web .... SROI is a framework for understanding, measuring and managing the outcomes (and ... Source:

Mobile Phones and Paper Documents: Evaluating A New Approach for ...

Usability: How Nokia Changed the Face of the Mobile. Phone. McGraw-Hill, NY, NY, 2003. 13. W. E. MacKay. Is paper safer? the role of paper flight ... Source: