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Improving police decision making: general principles and practical ...

13 Sep 2005 ... To begin, I discuss the general principles underlying the ROC ... The resulting combinations of these realities and predictions mean that ... Source:

General Principles of Hierarchical Spatial Reasoning - The Case of ...

... to simplify their conceptual models of reality and to perform .... This paper presents three general principles for hierarchical (spatial) reasoning. ... Source:

Chapter Four General Principles for the Design of Hypermedia ...

In addition, a general principle is that in a constructivist environment ... an “interpretation of reality in order to make them more easily understandable” ... Source:

Studies on Certain Issues of the General Principles of Contract ...

The Contract Law comprises of three parts: the general principles, ..... and in reality, the obligee is free to choose from either of the two methods. ... Source:

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the General Agreement on ...

... from reality, we find that the political and economic principles that ... The General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) is one of the three big ... Source:

Definition & Reality in the General Theory of Political Economy

Definition & Reality in the. General Theory of Political Economy ..... Marshall's “Principles of economics” opens with the painful story of poverty - as ... Source:

Induction of meta-knowledge about knowledge discovery ...

IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON KNOWLEDGE AND DATA ENGINEERING. VOL 5 . NO. 6. ... study shows how the suitability for inductive knowledge discovery of. Source:

Knowledge Engineering

tems, similar to methodologies in main-stream software engineering. Over the years, the .... Table 1.1: Task types in CommonKADS (adapted from [37]). Task type. Input ...... Knowledge Engineering and Management: The. CommonKADS ... Source:

Knowledge Engineering

management. “Context” is therefore an important notion when reusing an ontology. ..... Knowledge Engineering and Manage- ment: The CommonKADS Methodology. ... Source:

ppt - Advanced Knowledge Technologies

Knowledge Management using HLT. HLT. Reports written. in natural language. Direct access to knowledge when in textual format; Speed: Prompt Identification ... Source:

WHAT is Knowledge Management - Fasset

CONTEXT. & FORMAT. in the. ©Knowledge Management International. Knowledge ... Management, Expert Directories, Knowledge Network Mapping, CoP's. Source:

The Marks are on the Knowledge Worker

A study of twelve knowledge workers showed that their defining ..... store or ship, the better off you or your organisation are. ... knowledge work in modern organisations [5]. If we .... workers with an “electronic encyclopedia in the sky” only ... Source:

Discovering Knowledge in Data

Data Mining Course: Sharif University of Technology. 2. Self-Organizing Maps. – Kohonen Networks developed in 1982 by Tuevo Kohonen. – Initially applied to ... Source:

Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning

acquiring, and communicating knowledge and improving the re-utilization of .... believe, although a modern knowledge-enabled enterprise must support KM with ..... In “Knowledge sharing”: The encyclopedia of knowledge management, D.G.. Source:


Discovering knowledge in data : an introduction to data mining / Daniel T. Larose ..... Discovering Knowledge in Data applies this white-box approach by: ... Source:

The Knowledge Discovery Process

eventual feedback loops) that should be followed to discover knowledge (e.g., patterns) in data. Each step is usually realized with the help of available ... Source:

The Marks are on the Knowledge Worker

in a disembodied state and ship it ... store or ship, the better off you or your organisation are. We have confused what we can ... knowledge work in modern organisations [5]. If we .... workers with an “electronic encyclopedia in the ... Source:


GENERAL PRINCIPLES AND REALITIES. T. C. Lam. Faculty of ... which China's civil service system has embraced principles and features of Western civil ... Source:

The General Principles of the Criminal Law - Jones & Bartlett Learning

framework, we examine the following general principles that underlie and help unify the ..... “freedom.” Faced with this unpleasant reality, we are unable to. Source:

General Principles in the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. - arXiv

Items 1 - 6 ... General Principles in the ... correspondence with our commonplace view of reality. Because ... perceive only one of those possible versions of reality. Source: