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a plasticity theory with a novel hardening law

Department of Structural Engineering, Concrete Structures, Chalmers ... plasticity. The aim is to model the load resistance and the deformation capacity in ... Source:

A Novel Platform Device for Rodent Echocardiography

Although echocardiography is one of the gold standards for .... for a wide range of standard echocardiography measurements. We identified optimal positions ... Source:

A Novel Tomographic Flow Analysis System

experimental techniques capable of producing 3-D output for comparison with computation in multiphase flows. 4 CONCLUSIONS ... Source:

Novel methodology to characterize electromagnetic exposure of the ...

23 Dec 2010 ... by radio frequency electromagnetic sources, the exposure of anatomical and ... Another important endpoint needed for improved CNS dosimetry is the ..... E and Achermann P 1999 Pulsed high-frequency electromagnetic ... Source:

A novel methodology for the manufacturability of robust CMOS ...

the fields of sensors and microsystems and their compatibility with standard CMOS technologies. P. Roetsch was born on 24 September 1971 in Saverne, France. ... Source:

An Investigation of the Pump Operating Characteristics as a Novel ...

Inlet Cannula. Fig. 1. Model of a cardiovascular system with an implanted LVAD. ... the left ventricle in (2) represents the strength of the contractility of the left ..... IEEE Trans. on Control Systems Technology, vol. 9, no. 3, pp. 473 -482, 2001. ... techniques for the study of biomechanics of motion in ... Source:

Novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to the diabetic ...

retinal detachment in eyes with PDR and macular elevation41. At the same time, ..... Principles and practice of ophthalmology. Philadelphia: Saunders, 1994 ... Source:

A Novel Representation of Energy and Signal Transformation in ...

[5] J. P. Bentley, Principles of Measurement Systems, 2nd ed. White. Plains, NY: Longman, 1988. [6] Q. Yang, Computer Aided Analysis and Design of Measuring ... Source:

Synthesis and Photoluminescence of a Novel Iridium Complex ...

Keywords: Iridium complex, 1, 3, 4-oxadiazole, synthesis, photoluminescence. Organic/polymer light-emitting diodes(LEDs) have been attractive worldwide ... Source:


Adsorption sensors. Optoelectronic devices. Nanoporous silica. Circuit passivation ...... influence the thermal conductivity of CVD diamond layers. ... Source:

Vanity Fair, A Novel without a Hero

In Which Mr. Osborne Takes down the Family Bible ...... inscription in the first , Jemima, with rather a dubious and timid air, handed her the second. ... Source:

Novel Nitronyl Nitroxides: Synthesis and Properties

The basis set dependence of the rotational bar- .... 60 ∞C. After standing for further 12 h at 4 ∞C crys- ..... Chemistry, Vol. 64, p. 91, Springer Verlag, New York ... [11] Handbook of Liquid Crystals (D. Demus, J. Goodby, ... Source:


[16] B.Robert and Heimann, Plasma-spray coatings: principles and applications, Weinheim: VCH, 1996. [17] T.Pandhumsoporn, P. M.Feldbaum, M.Gadgil, ... Source:

Novel Dendronized Polymers with Thermoresponsive and Amphiphilic ...

Macromonomer route via conventional free radical polymerization was ..... structures, three-dimensional spherical geometry, nanometer size of individual ..... surface, and then cross-linked together by irradiation with UV light. ..... Yan and coworkers (Figure 12d).99 These hyperbranched polymers were synthesized ... Source:

Modeling and Simulation Strategies in Electromagnetics: Novel ...

Doğuş University, Electronics and Communications Engineering Department ... disciplinary analytical and computational skills that are not adequately covered in conventional EM .... used as teaching aids in labs and projects of various EM lectures. ... mode field summation, and hybrid ray-mode synthesis. ... Source:

Novel Broadband Photodetector for Optical Communication

K. Taguchi, “P-I-N Photodiodes” Chapter 8, “WDM Technologies: Active Optical. Components” (A. K. Dutta et. al. eds.), pp. 317-377, Academic Press, Boston, ... Source:

A Novel Framework for the Characterization of Dynamic Spectrum ...

UWB) or spectrum overlay (e.g. opportunistic exploitation of ..... [2] M. Cave et al., Essentials of modern spectrum management. Cambridge. University Press, 2007. ... the first worldwide wireless standard based on cognitive radios,” in ... Source:

Novel Techniques for Robust Voxelization and Visualization of ...

computer graphics. Fractals have fascinated everyone by their beauty and .... implicit objects can then be swept through any parametric curve which is a ... Source:

Development and Application of a Novel Graphical Environment for ...

6 User Analysis Code and Physics Modules. 6.1.1 Z → µµ. A simple Z → µµ analysis is used as example for the power of the scripting module. Samples ... Source:

Novel Power Generation for Remote Sensors

Novel Power Generation for Remote Sensors. Page 2. NineSigma's client seeks to identify and develop innovative power generation technologies that ... Source: