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Immersive stereo displays, intuitive reasoning, and cognitive engineering. Robert Patterson .... which can be partially dissociated at the neural level. ... tiple cues and no symbolic calculation. This is exactly the ... Source:

From cognitive models to neurofuzzy systems - the mind space approach.

Cognitive modeling approach lies between the symbolic, rule-based methods of artificial .... Memory-based reasoning is related to probabilistic neural ... Source:


FOR DIAGRAMMATIC REASONING AND COGNITIVE MODELING. DISSERTATION ...... symbolic representation of Soar with representations and processes that correspond to ..... to the neural framework of the brain and that it exhibit a range of ... Source:

Symbolic state transducers and recurrent neural preference ...

International Journal of Approximate Reasoning 32 (2003) 237–258 .... [38] as a method of interpreting symbolic and neural machines. ...... Proceedings of the Eighth Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, Amherst, MA, 1986, ... Source:

Symbolic Artificial Intelligence and Numeric Artificial Neural ...

cognitive phenomena and engineering intelligent systems. ...... with logical ( hence symbolic) representations. Probabilistic reasoning is an im- ... Source:

KI-Zeitschrift - Auszug als Leseprobe

rather large repertoire of different reasoning paradigms in order to solve problems, generate plans, ... the unification of neural and symbolic approaches in terms ... tionary increase of new proposals for cognitive architectures ... Source:


working memory, attention and no training, respectively. We expect the EC- reasoning group to show the biggest behavioral and neural benefits. ... Source:

Numerical processing for cognitive tasks

1.2 Artificial neural networks for associative reasoning. Most basic cognitive operations can be labelled with the term “as- sociative reasoning”. ... Source:

A Neural-Symbolic Cognitive Agent for Online Learning and ... - Ijcai

Abstract. In real-world applications, the effective integration of learning and reasoning in a cognitive agent model is a difficult task. However, such integration. Source:

Neural-Symbolic Cognitive Agents: Architecture and Theory

Sep 30, 2011 ... reasoning in a cognitive agent model is a difficult task. However ... Keywords: Neural-Symbolic, Cognitive Agent, Restricted Boltzmann Machine. Source:

OpenCog NS: A Deeply-Interactive Hybrid Neural-Symbolic ...

OpenCog NS: A Deeply-Interactive Hybrid Neural-Symbolic Cognitive. Architecture Designed for ... that symbolic reasoning intervenes in the process of attractor ... Source:

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A Neural-Symbolic Cognitive Agent with a Mind's Eye. H.L.H. de Penning. 1 ... knowledge representation and temporal reasoning in a visual intelligent system ... Source:

Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Neural-Symbolic ...

The workshop series on Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning (NeSy) ... Neural-symbolic cognitive agents and applications of neural-symbolic systems. Source:

Using Inductive Types for Ensuring Correctness of Neuro-Symbolic ...

nectionist Models, Hybrid Neuro-Symbolic Systems, Type Systems and ... logical, deductive, mathematical and constructive reasoning; and hence the main ..... model can serve as a cognitive model of massively-parallel symbolic computation,. Source:

Neural-Symbolic Integration and Lifelong Machine ... - ResearchGate

Neural-symbolic integration, or NSI, considers hybrid sys- tems that ... network models and the reasoning capacities of logic [Garcez ..... Cognitive Science,. Source:


Jun 28, 2013 ... One neuron, two neurons, ..., n neurons, a mind? Neural ... in red). Symbolic. Non -/Sub-symbolic ... Neural-symbolic cognitive reasoning. Berlin,. Source:

A Bayesian Computational Cognitive Model -

emerges a novel approach, hybrid neural-symbolic system, which concerns the ... model of the reasoning process, and it simulates, in fact, the mechanisms that ... Source:

The Importance of Being Neural-Symbolic – A Wilde ... - CiteSeer

We argue that Neural-Symbolic Integration is a topic of central importance for the ... forts within the cognitive science community, including psychologists and linguists .... ities of human thinking which are not usually covered by standard logical ... Source:

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1998 ACM Subject Classification I.2.0 Cognitive simulation. Keywords and ..... Neural-Symbolic Cognitive Agent for Online Learning and Reasoning. In Proc. of  ... Source:

Symbolic vs. subsymbolic representation in cognitive science and ...

(2) reasoning processes,. (3) problem ... a metaphor human brain, where cognitive activities of brain are interpreted by ... Subsymbolic network – neural network. Source: