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The Integration of Neural Networks with Symbolic Knowledge Processing

appoximative reasoning; Neural Unification means to implement symbolic unification with .... system, Cognitive Science 12, 1989, pp. 423-466. ... Source:

Cognitive Architectures: Where do we go from here?

much closer to natural perception and reasoning based on perceptions, rather than symbolic knowledge. IBCA (Integrated Biologically-based Cognitive ... Source:

The Integration of Connectionism and First-Order Knowledge ...

tion and reasoning paradigms like logic programming in such a way that ..... neural-symbolic integration. The proposals made so far do not give a .... area of cognitive robotics. Such an application would also be a good showcase ... Source:

1. Logic, Neural Networks, and Optimality Theory 2. Abstract of ...

that likewise aims to overcome the gap between symbolic and neuronal systems. ... in visual perception, language comprehension and logical reasoning) ... and the new master courses in Cognitive Science, Logic and Artificial Intelligence ... Source:

Learning Cognitive Symbolic Systems

Human Language is in one sense the most accessible Cognitive symbolic system. .... The basic neural structure for controlling it must have been there from the ..... concepts that underlie reasoning about other minds for purposes of ... Source:

Language Acquisition and Symbol Grounding Transfer with Neural ...

implements the “symbolic theft” approach to grounding. More recently, such neural network approaches have been incorporated in studies based on cognitive ... Source:

Natural Language Processing with Subsymbolic Neural Networks *

The subsymbolic neural network approach holds a lot of promise for modeling ..... stored knowledge by a high-level goal-directed process, that is, by reasoning. ... For cognitive processes based on conscious rule application, symbolic ... Source:

Stromswold, Language acquisition Cognitive and Neural Aspects of ...

Cognitive and Neural Aspects of Language Acquisition. Karin Stromswold ..... representational or symbolic reasoning (Johnston & Weismer, 1983; Kahmi, 1981; ... Source:

Cell Assemblies as an Intermediate Level M odel of Cognition ...

primitives of an symbolic cognitive architecture. It also shows how a ... and the neural circuit level, functioning near 1 0-2 seconds, are in the biological ...... Sun,R. ( 199 5 )Robust reasoning; integrating rule-based and ... Source:

A world survey of artificial brain projects, Part II Biologically ...

18 Sep 2010 ... A few of the more important symbolic cognitive architectures are as follows: ..... data or complex reasoning problems due to the lack of a more ...... together on a common neural-symbolic knowledge store called ... Source:

Cognitive underpinnings of symbolic pretend play and impossible ...

has a modular neuro-cognitive architecture that may be severely impaired in ASD ..... domain general measures of thought and reasoning, this project takes a ... Source:

Using Interactive Tutors to Overcome Cognitive Learning Hurdles in ...

create and manipulate symbolic models, concrete to formal reasoning. .... links the concepts into a network, at the deepest level, a neural network, that ... Source:

patt-2.chp:Corel VENTURA

Immersive stereo displays, intuitive reasoning, and cognitive engineering. Robert Patterson .... which can be partially dissociated at the neural level. ... tiple cues and no symbolic calculation. This is exactly the ... Source:

From cognitive models to neurofuzzy systems - the mind space approach.

Cognitive modeling approach lies between the symbolic, rule-based methods of artificial .... Memory-based reasoning is related to probabilistic neural ... Source:


FOR DIAGRAMMATIC REASONING AND COGNITIVE MODELING. DISSERTATION ...... symbolic representation of Soar with representations and processes that correspond to ..... to the neural framework of the brain and that it exhibit a range of ... Source:

Symbolic state transducers and recurrent neural preference ...

International Journal of Approximate Reasoning 32 (2003) 237–258 .... [38] as a method of interpreting symbolic and neural machines. ...... Proceedings of the Eighth Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, Amherst, MA, 1986, ... Source:

Symbolic Artificial Intelligence and Numeric Artificial Neural ...

cognitive phenomena and engineering intelligent systems. ...... with logical ( hence symbolic) representations. Probabilistic reasoning is an im- ... Source:

KI-Zeitschrift - Auszug als Leseprobe

rather large repertoire of different reasoning paradigms in order to solve problems, generate plans, ... the unification of neural and symbolic approaches in terms ... tionary increase of new proposals for cognitive architectures ... Source:


working memory, attention and no training, respectively. We expect the EC- reasoning group to show the biggest behavioral and neural benefits. ... Source:

Numerical processing for cognitive tasks

1.2 Artificial neural networks for associative reasoning. Most basic cognitive operations can be labelled with the term “as- sociative reasoning”. ... Source: