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General-Studies-Indian-Polity-1 - Jeywin

In 1962 the state Nagaland was created. In the Hindi speaking area of Punjab, demand was raised for the setting up of Hindi speaking state out of Punjab. It resulted in the division of ...... contained in the Official Secrets Act, 1923. ▫ The Right to ... Source: http://www.jeywin.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/General-Studies-Indian-Polity-1.pdf

Common Shortcomings of Indian Machine Design Practice

utterly lag behind the present World standards? In our machine designs .... Refer to a proper bearing handbook and understand the principle before applying ... Source: http://www.neubauplan.com/Common%20Shortcomings%20of%20Indian%20Machine%20Design%20Practice.pdf

CSSH Occasional Paper Social Science Research on Indian ...

Whereas there was an elaborate discourse on the art of sex in precolonial India, .... publication of the Marathi periodical Purush Spandana (Men's Heartbeats), ..... It is interesting to note that two pioneering books on Indian men were written in ... Source: http://www.xyonline.net/sites/default/files/Kulkarni,%2520Social%2520Science%2520Research%2520on%2520Indian%2520Masculinities%252008.doc

Q4 results financial statements (Indian GAAP - consolidated) - Wipro

Apr 22, 2009 ... Plant & machinery2 .... finished and process stocks : ... combined on a line by line basis by adding together the book values of all items of ... Source: http://www.wipro.com/documents/investors/pdf-files/indian_gaap_financials_q4_fy0809.pdf

Leadership Skills: Prescriptions from Indian ... - ResearchGate

(6) Drive to sharpen leadership qualities and skills on a regular basis.”7 ... Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Mentoring Programmes, Train The Trainer); ..... those who brilliant like the moon, give happiness to all, and who acquire ... Source: http://www.researchgate.net/publication/228221502_Leadership_Skills_Prescriptions_from_the_Indian_Management_Thought/file/60b7d51617a2536a39.pdf

Vol.50 Issue No.07 July 2013 - Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association

Jul 7, 2013 ... growth of crystalline materials2. Different techniques .... PDF analysis is a statistical mechanics method used to extract ..... Chromeleon data system version 6.80SR 10 Build .... measurements (six different injections of each. Source: http://www.idma-assn.org/pdf/pubilications/indian-drugs-july-pdf-08-final.pdf

Re-looking Indian Philosophy for the 21st Century

Satchidananda Murty in his book, Philosophy in ... break the age-old Indian traditions and ideals. At one stage, it was even felt that the ancient Indian civilization ... followed by Swami Vivekananda, Swami Rama Tirtha and others. ... Source: http://www.vpmthane.org/Publications(sample)/Indian%20Philosophy%20%20Its%20Relevance%20in%20the%2021st%20Century/Dr.%20S.%20Panneerselvam%202.pdf

American Indians in Texas - Texas A&M University-Texarkana

Photo of display at the Institute of Texan Cultures, San Antonio. ... Source: http:// www.texasbeyondhistory.net/tejas/fundamentals/who.html ..... on the battlefield; no system of supply depots and armories; no support network of factories, farms,  ... Source: http://www.tamut.edu/academics/mperri/TX/Texas%2520History%25201--American%2520Indians%2520in%2520Texas.ppt

Issues & Challenges for Enabling Mobile web in Indian ... - W3C India

Games. A mobile-specific syntax for re-designing a Web site for the mobile is not a ... Java, and are able to cope with low-bandwidth network such GPRS due to .... Nokia5130. XpressMusi c. Nokia. 5130. Xpre. ssMu sic. Y. N. Y. N. N. N. N. N. Source: http://www.w3cindia.in/papers/Issues_%26_Challenges_for_Enabling_Mobile_web_in_Indian_Languages.pdf

Interpol's red- corner against NRI-Indians Abroad-The Times o...

18 Mar 2008 ... Indians Abroad. Times of India 6. Times of India. Search. Advanced Search ... More Indians Abroad. Four ethnic Indians in Malaysian cabinet ... Source: http://ipc498a.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/interpols-red-corner-against-nri-indians-abroad-the-times-o.pdf

How Indian Tech Companies Can Benefit From Web 2.0 by Anirban ...

fine tuning it to fit their existing business model. This may be an opportunity for Indian tech companies to be leaders in web 2.0 movement by not only ... Source: http://www.nasscom.in/upload/48700/How%20Indian%20Tech%20Companies%20can%20benefit%20from%20Web%202.0.pdf

LIST OF BOOKS Indian Constitution 1. Kagzi , M.C. Jain The ...

The State Democracy and Anti-Terror Laws in India (2 books). New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2007. 171 Pande, Prof. G.S.. Constitutional Law of India ... Source: http://www.cfsindia.org.in/pdf/Indian%20Constitution.pdf

the Indian Scientists from vedic to Modern Period 10.5 (F). - Ning

necessary for scientists of the later twentieth century to re- examine and re- balance the ... scientist would have done. Muller had to fit the entire Vedic ... Source: http://api.ning.com/files/0tei7T6nMXAyc46KxZukdHxSg9QvIEKjakE32fE-c-nfnPF4hGClsv8yw6bTSPiS9W86rgerueNdzNXZa-lRE3aqzL2a3ZMr/TheIndianScientistFromVedictoModernTimesJayantNarlikar.pdf

syllabus - Andhra University

D.D.Basu : Introduction to the Constitution of India. 6. N.Hartman : Political Parties in India. 7. N.D.Palmer : *Elections and Political Development: The South ... Source: http://www.andhrauniversity.edu.in/syllabus/SYLLABUS-PAD-I%2520SEM.doc

Syllabus Political Science (UG Course) Admitted Batch 2008 - 2009 ...

Indian Constitution : M.V. Pylee. 3. Indian Government and Politics: S.S. Awasti. 4 . Introduction for Constitution of India: D.D. Basu. 5. Indian Government and ... Source: http://www.andhrauniversity.edu.in/syllabus/Political%2520Science.doc

(Private Studies) - Non Semester - Syllabus - University of Madras

Paper VI – Indian Constitutional Law. Books Prescribed: 1. H. M. Seervai – Constitutional Law of India. Books Recommended: 1. D. D. Basu – Commentaries on ... Source: http://www.unom.ac.in/uploads/academics/mlpsns.doc

Political Science - Nagaland University

3. Chakrabarti, Bidyut & Pandey Rajendra Kumar,Indian Government & Politics, Sage,New Delhi-2008. 4. D.D. Basu, An Introduction to the Constitution of India, ... Source: http://www.nagauniv.org.in/files/Syllabus/bugs%2520final%25202012%2520political%2520science.doc

download - Electronic Journal of Comparative Law

Article 356 of the Indian Constitution has acquired quite some notoriety due to its alleged ...... [13] D.D. Basu, Commentary on the Constitution of India (5th edn. Source: http://www.ejcl.org/81/art81-4.doc

JORG-UG.doc - wbsubsyllabus.org

Introduction to the Constitution of India – D. D. Basu. 2. Press Laws – N. K. Bhattacharyya. 3. Indian Economics – K. Sundaram. 4. Laws of the Press to India  ... Source: http://www.wbsubsyllabus.org/data/JORG-UG.doc