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Efficient Packet Marking for Large-Scale IP Traceback

the IP header that can be used for marking, namely, 16 ..... dex i and cord C is at most ⌈N/(l2c) + n/2c⌉. For any ..... Technical report, Brown. University, 2001. [7] D. Dean, M. Franklin, and A. Stubblefield. An algebraic ... In 7th USENIX Security Symposium. (SECURITY-98), 217–228, Berkeley, 1998. ... Source:


“Digital Character Development: Theory and Practice.” Morgan Kaufmann. CREATIVE WORK. Interactive Installations. I26. “Dreaming of Adaptive Interface Agents ... Source:

In-Depth Introduction to Electricity Markets

limited knowledge of electric power systems and restructured markets. It .... restructured electric power systems. A well-known consultant and speaker, ... Source:

Book review Emergency

could readily be incorporated into an emergency echocardiogram. It is always debatable what a book like this should include or exclude as 'emergency echo'; ... Source:

Application Form Assistance for Data Collection Abroad

Do you have current funding or have received previous funding for this project from. ICSSR or any other Agency/Organisation in India or abroad? ... Source:

Nicholas Cameron Higher Education

I learnt how to direct small group tutorials, motivating and ... I developed programming, design, database and requirement gath- ering skills. ... Source:

Alexander T

Hutchins, Ihler, Smyth; Probabilistic Analysis of a Large Scale Urban Traffic. Sensor Data Set. In Knowledge Discovery in Sensor Data Workshop, Aug. ... Source:

When Sex Hurts: Intimacy & Interstitial Cystitis

2 May 2006 ... to have a satisfying sexual relationship. ... bladder syndrome) and pelvic pain syndromes affect our sexual health. ... women experience pain after sex and men experience pain during .... Maintain your sexual fitness! ... Source:

The Skip Quadtree: A Simple Dynamic Data Structure for ...

1. INTRODUCTION. Data structures for multidimensional point data are of signif- icant interest in the computational geometry, computer graphics, ... Source:

Image-based techniques for digitizing environments and artifacts ...

University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies. Graphics Laboratory ... plex objects and environments. 1. Introduction. A basic goal of three-dimensional modeling and ... corresponded pixels forward into the 3D world . For this ..... the Past, Electronic Imaging and Computer Graphics in Mu- ... Source:

Improving SDRAM Access Energy Efficiency for Low-Power Embedded ...

DRAM (dynamic random access memory) energy consumption in low-power embedded systems ... Research in the area of low-power embedded processors, that is processors .... SDRAM is the key to the optimization techniques proposed in this paper. ...... organization in SoCs for advanced set-top boxes and TV — Evolution , ... Source:


Sun Microsystems, Inc. “Java 3D API Specification”. [3]. M. Vazirgiannis, Susanne Boll, “Events in Interactive. Multimedia Applications: Modeling and ... Source:

Curriculum Vitae for Xenophon Zabulis

8 Apr 2011 ... 495-522, in “PACS, A Guide to the Digital Revolution” editted by Keith J. Dreyer , James H. Thrall,. David S. Hirschorn and Amit Mehta, ... Source:

Cahnges in management of sceptic shock

primary end points (28-day mortality rate). The ENHANCE study, an unblinded single-arm trial, showed a mortality ... days of surgery where it is Grade 2C). Relative .... guidelines for management of severe sepsis and septic shock. Crit Care. Med 2004;32:858-73. ... shock: 2008. Intensive Care Med 2008;34:17-60. ... Source:

Indexing Information for Data Forensics

would also require a tremendous amount of storage for the auditor, who is potentially ... information for data forensics, or data forensics marking, for short. ..... Azar, Motwani, and Naor [6] have an alternate, more general, ... Source:

Network Security with Cryptography, Part 2

User controlled cryptography. • World Wide Web security. • Electronic mail security ..... Computer ??? Peeping. Tom - 23. August 13, 1998 ... Source:

Designing for all in the Information Society:

gave birth to fiber-optics communications systems; fusing mechanical and ... fixed-point and mobile telephones, intelligent information appliances and ... Source:


for cultural applications is that the feeling of reality is lost and ..... Using Java Applet technology is one proper way of creating ... User Behaviour in Web- based Interactive. Virtual Tours, In: Proc. of 29th International Conference ... Source:


COOPERATION HANDBOOK. OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR. 6 th. Edition. April 2010 ...... ATSD(NCB) oversees international programs on the uses of Atomic Energy for ..... serve as the U.S. Air Force liaison with the scientific and engineering ... Source:


JavaSpaces. Java's object oriented approach proves to be a desirable platform for developing parallel ... over the World Wide Web, each with its own set of ... and receiver must be active and ready to communicate. 5 SOAP .... SOAP and JMS take advantage of the object oriented programming paradigm. For parallel ... Source: