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Computers in the Human Interaction Loop (CHIL) aims to introduce computers into a loop of humans interacting with humans, rather than condemning a human to ... Source:

Connectionist Artificial Neural Networks

Neural-Symbolic Cognitive Reasoning. Springer Publishing Company, Incorporated, 2008. [5] Pascal Hitzler, Steffen Hlldobler, and Anthony Karel Seda. ... Source:

New methods for statistical natural language modeling Sami Virpioja

a posteriori maximization, or the Minimum Description Length principle, ...... nection to the Minimum Description Length (MDL) principle described in ... Source:

CMOS/BiCMOS Analog Integrated Circuit Design Introduction The ...

in Micro-Electronics at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, USA. ... Intuitive approach to circuit design...detailed circuit analysis ... Source:

Engineering Journal, vol 60

the primary reason for using the instrumentation amplifier is to eliminate such noise. ..... 3RD-ORDER ANTI-ALIAS FILTER ... Designers of VGAs for this application ..... opposite extreme, Figure 2c shows that the voltage ... Source:

Towards a Distributed Java Virtual Machine Transparent Migration ...

using the java2c tool which forms part of the Hyperion system. .... Adding a third node mitigates this slightly, but it still runs at 0.104 times the ... Source:

Hermes: A Scalable Event-Based Middleware

event patterns, thus taking the burden away from clients. ...... features, such as type- and attribute-based event routing, programming language integration ..... RMI, so the same restrictions that limit scalability and efficiency apply ... Source:


of material, control system documentation. 3 SPECIFICATIONS, CONFIGURATION, AND DESIGN CRITERIA : Degree of automation, manpower matching, instrument ... Source:

Models of Concurrent Computation Summary of the Course Example ...

References for the Pi Calculus. Books for the Pi calculus. Communicating and Mobile Systems: the π-calculus, Robin Milner, Cambridge University. Press, 1999 ... Source:

Call_Number Title Subject QA76.3.C46 2006 CCNA self-study guide ...

Mobile computing handbook. Mobile computing. QA76.5915 .A45 2005 .... Managed DirectX 9 :graphics and game programming : kick start. Multimedia systems ... Programming Java 2 micro edition on Symbian OS :a developer's guide to MIDP 2.0 ... Source:

Conference in Research and Practice in Information Technology ...

sentence, and where needed, by inserting the dummy do ... create and update machine-processable descriptions of websites and to export them as web ..... RSS is a family of XML-based web feed formats designed for sharing and aggregating ... Source:

Automotive Product Guide, 5th ed.

screens, or nonscreen areas that require haptics, as each IC is controlled through an I2C interface and thus ..... interface, thus simplifying design and reducing system cost . ... Highly integrated, highly versatile car active- antenna .... Increase range and add two-way capabilities to car alarms, RF modules, ... Source:

Cross-Layer Design for QoS in Wireless Mesh Networks

Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) is a relatively new and promising key technology for .... guide the optimum operation of the overlying layers and algorithms. ... Source:

Focus on Firetide HotPoint Wireless Mesh Routers

wireless mesh network. That is,. HotPoint routers include either ... a User Guide and two warranty documents, each in PDF format. The actual use of HotPoint ... Source:

Predictive modelling of SAP ERP Applications: Challenges and Solutions

In E. Gelenbe, editor, Computer. System Performance modelling in Perspective - A Tribute to the Work of Professor Kenneth C. Sevcik, volume 1 of ... Source:


Lavenberg, S.S., “A Perspective on Queueing Models of Computer Perfor- mance ... Source:


Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing, Portsmouth, Virginia ,. March 2001. Alain Darte. On the complexity of loop fusion. ... Source:

The Role of Distributed Arithmetic in FPGA-based Signal Processing

hardware implementation of a binary full adder (as is done in the CLBs) entails ... Certainly with internode pipelining a system clock of 50 Mhz appears feasible. .... Remember the FPGA was not designed with signal processing in mind . ... Source:

Selected Programming Challenges The purpose of setting you these exercises is twofold. Firstly, they provide an opportunity ... Source:

Body Sensor Network – A Wireless Sensor Platform for Pervasive ...

With recent advances in wireless sensor networks and embedded ... Body Sensor Network Design. 2. BSN Architectural Design ... Source: