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Application of Fuzzy-neural networks in multi-ahead forecast of ...

5 Feb 2010 ... In the beginning of 20th century, Dow Theory was established, ...... developed the application of Fuzzy-neural network on ... Source:

Methods for Identifying Footfall Positions for a Legged Robot ...

IEEE/RSJ International Workshop on Intelligent Robots and Systems '89, Sep. 4- 6, 1989 .... second example, the Adaptive Suspension Vehicle uses the terrain elevation map ... The five methods2 presented below determine the fiattest S in 'R . S is given by the ... value attributed by the algorithm numbered k (k = l to 5 for the. Source:

Neurovirological methods and their applications - Journal of ...

to gain knowledge about the pathogenesis, clinical ... biology, and immunology.1 As Richard T Johnson, ... Molecular hybridisation methods including in situ hybridisation. Electron ... HIV has been investigated,11 in vitro models of HSV latency. Source:

Business Research Methods

Research problems and questions and how they relate to debates in. Research Methods. 1.1 Chapter Overview. 1.2 Introduction. 1.3 The nature of business ... Source:

The Monte Carlo Method

16 May 2006 ... theories, like the electromagnetic theory of Maxwell. ... THE MONTE CARLO METHOD 337 at random from this ensemble and examine those only; ... Source:

Computational Intelligence Methods for Financial Forecasting

1Department of Mathematics and Computational Intelligence Laboratory, ... of a forecasting methodology based on unsupervised clustering and .... methods for financial time series modeling, International Journal of ... and applications to nonlinear system identification and control, Proceedings of the IEEE 86 ... Source:

CHAPTER 25 Control Approach to Fictitious-Domain Methods ...

Application to Fluid Dynamics and Electro~Magnetics. C. Atamian* ... Indeed Boeing research engineers apply also these techniques for accoustics and~electro - ... meshes, spectral methods, wavelets, with efficient solution methods such ... Source:


Application of holographic and optical coherent methods. 137. INVITED LECTURES .... Steven Benton in his SPIE Publication 'Selected Papers on Three-Dimensional ..... using the scalar diffraction theory within the Fresnel approximation. ..... N.K.Vuchkov and N.V.Sabotinov, Optical and Quantum Electronics 32 ... Source:

An introduction to the method of moments ~

This paper will present an introduction to the theory and application of the method of moments (MM) to problems of electromagnetic radiation and scattering. ... Source:

Research Methods

Internet Search Tools, e.g. subject directories and search engines. ... and China. ... if the author/editor/publisher has the expertise on an issue ... Review critical ideas and finding on a topic from available sources. ... What topic is being examined? Source:

Quantitative Methods in Derivatives Pricing. D. Tavella - Java Quant

vii preface he emergence of computational finance as a discipline in its own right is ... The use of computational methods for solving engineering problems allows us to ... This situation is significantly different in financial engineering. The ..... investment with nonnegative payoff in every possible market outcome at a future  ... Source:

Introduction to Statistics and Quantitative Research Methods

Research Methods. • Research is structural. There are basic steps depending on the subject matter and researcher. • It is also possible to conduct research ... Source:

Business Research Methods - Find Documents

Research problems and questions and how they relate to debates in. Research Methods. 1.1 Chapter Overview. 1.2 Introduction. 1.3 The nature of business ... Source:

Introduction to Research and Research Methods - University of ...

Introduction to Research. Effective Learning Service. 1. This workbook is a short introduction to research and research methods and will outline some, but not all,  ... Source:

Introduction to Research Methods - The University of Utah

Research Methods is an introduction to the theory and practice of social science ... familiarize students with the different types of methods that are used to ... Source:

Generalised moment methods in electromagnetics - Microwaves ...

Abstract: An effort to unify three major numerical methods in electromagnetics is presented. Har- rington's direct method of moments, the iterative ... Source:

Experimental Study of Moment Method for Undergraduates in ...

Mar 26, 2011 ... Experimental Study of Moment Method for Undergraduates in. Electromagnetic. N. F. O. Serteller. Department of Electrical Education, Marmara ... Source:

Experimental Study of Moment Method for Undergraduates in ...

Moment Method // IEEE Transaction on Education, 1995. –. No. 38. – P. 385–390. 5 . Malisauskas V., Sledevic T. Investigation of the. Electromagnetic Fields ... Source:

Download - Boundary Element Method

Abstract—The Boundary Element Method is developed in its most simple form; ... would like to apply the BEM to appropriate engineering problems with minimal .... where Γ is the whole or any part of S, ζ is any real- valued function, defined on ... Source:

Application Form

Items 1 - 7 ... 2013 Application Form—Susan R. Meisinger Fellowship for Graduate Study ... I am a current SHRM member and/or I hold a professional certification. Source: