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Astérix & Obélix contre César. Asteroids. Atlantide : L'Empire Perdu. Atlantis .... Madden NFL 99. Magic Carpet. Magical Drop 3. Marvel Super Heroes ... Source:

Python 2.6 Quick Reference

3 Apr 2006 ... Other doc & free books: FAQs, Faqts, Dive into Python, Python Cookbook, Thinking in Python, Text processing in. Python ... Source:

Python 2.3 Quick Reference

Official documentation: ● Other doc & books: Dive into Python , Python Cookbook , Faqts , Thinking in Python , Text processing ... Source:

Grails presentation at the Spring Experience 2006

Upgrade to Spring 2.0. • Flow / conversation concept with Spring WebFlow. • JPA Support. • Web Services convention ... The Definitive Guide to Grails ... Source:

RSC_SEC_contents 7..10

Chapter 2 UV-Vis Spectroelectrochemistry of Selected Iron-Containing ... Source:

Dynamics systems vs. optimal control — a unifying view

works: the dynamic systems approach and the viewpoint of optimal control. The dynamic system approach ..... biomechanical properties may significantly con- ..... mathematically, is just a technically irrelevant de- ..... Humanoid robot learning a figure-8 movement from a human demonstration. ... Source:

Motor primitives in vertebrates and invertebrates

possible ways, the three actions are executed as a unified well-coordinated complex act [35]. ..... I. Biomechanics of the octopus reaching movement. J Neurophysiol 2005,. 94:1443-1458. ... International Journal of Humanoid Robotics June 2004:237-288. ... Arbib MA: From monkey-like action recognition to human ... Source:

Computational and neural principles for human motor control

principled approach that provides an overarching account to motor control. ... plexity of biomechanical elements to be controlled, the nervous system elaborates well-coordinated movements with ..... vide a unified basis for motor control (Guigon et al. ..... trol of the humanoid robot HRP2 (Tuan et al. 2008). ... Source:


20 Sep 2008 ... Book Contents. This text uses a series of examples to teach automated measurement with graphical ... Additionally, it defines virtual instruments. It uses two simple ... General Purpose Instrumentation Bus (GPIB). .... NI LabVIEW Academy that uses the text for examination preparation; Jim Cahow, ... Source:

Griffon in Action

Grails grew in popularity, a community was created around it, to the point that it is ..... To that end, edit the FilePanelModel.groovy file, which is in the ... is a single threaded UI toolkit and you get a quick recipe for disaster. ... Source:

INTRODUCTION • The word aromatic can be used to describe fragrant ...

Heterocyclic compounds can also be aromatic, for example pyridine (PYRDNA01) is a six-membered nitrogen-containing heterocycle and resembles ... Source:


Bonus Appendix for “iPhone: The Missing Manual” ... iPhone: The Missing ... Source:

Syncing Calendar with .ICS and CalDAV Feeds

page, in an email message, in a document, whatever—and copy it. (See page 39 in iPhone: The Missing Manual for instructions on copying and pasting.) ... Source:

Making Your Own Ringtones

As noted in iPhone: The Missing Manual, Apple offers plenty of ways to make your own ringtones. You can buy them online, using the iTunes store, ready- ... Source:

Web Apps

Free Bonus Appendix for “iPhone: The Missing Manual”. 122. They go way beyond the iPhone's simple Notes program. • iZoho iPhone Office. ... Source:

101 Recipes For The Deep Fryer

300 g. Onions, finely chopped. 4 tb. Tomato puree. 3. Hard-boiled eggs, chopped .... garnish This is one of the better deep-fried chicken recipes I've ... Source:

Dairy goat PM6.5

Cheesemaking Made Easy. Raising Milk Goats the Modern Way. Storey Communications , Inc. Pownal, VT 05261. Dairy Reference Manual ... Source:

62 Roosevelt Dam in Arizona. Hydrostatic pressure, due to the ...

25 Oct 2002 ... as the net force per unit element volume, we rewrite Eq. (2.8) as ..... basic hydrostatic formula (2.20). Or, more simply, one can begin at A, .... strength- of-materials theory. The hydrostatic problem thus .... the plate; for example, the other side of the plate is inside a ship or on the dry side ... Source:

Preliminary Evaluation of Quantitative Clinical Laboratory ...

By performing more than five runs, manufacturers can detect trends in the effects ... bias, linear drift, sample carry-over, and precision of a clinical ... This guideline is based on a protocol and procedure ... experiment are possible (such as extending the number of days or eliminating the priming samples when ... Source:

Healthy Diet System

Losing weight is not that easy but you have to discipline yourself. ... The way you think will affect how you succeed with your weight loss routine. ... Source: