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University of Jordan Faculty of Engineering & Technology ...

Classification of communication systems (analog and digital, ... Source:

Syllabus of Mechanical Engineering (Sem 3 to 8) Mechanical ...

Mechanical Engineering 3rd Sem : B.E.SEM III (MECHANICAL) ... Metal mould casting processes : Permanent mould casting, low pressure casting, slush casting , .... parameters, Higher order linear differential equations with variable coefficients (Cauchy's .... Physical Metallurgy- Principles And Practice By V Raghavan ... Source:

social media to increase their sales, brand, and - Search Engine ...

This EBook is your guide to the 5 Pillars of social media marketing, and how you can ..... social media goes mainstream companies are finding new ways every day. ..... Over 400 people signed up for the hour-long teleseminar. ... Source:

Software Engineering Processes under the Influence of Aesthetics ...

Goal: To collect and analyze data from art projects to better understand the model of collaboration between artists and software developers and study the ... Source:

Workshop on modeling in software engineering at ICSE 2009

State-of-the-Art Model Usage. There were two papers in this session. In the first, “Non-. Functional Requirements Analysis Modeling for Software Product ... Source:

Modeling Object-Oriented Software for Reverse Engineering and ...

State-of-the-Art in Reengineering. Metamodels and Tools. This thesis is about modeling object-oriented software in a language-independent way for the ... Source:

Development of a hermetically sealed Stirling engine battery charger

illustrated in Fig. 3. The alternator, whose rotor and stator are modelled ..... N. Boatowner's mechanical and electrical manual, 1990 ... Source:

Remote laboratories extending access to science and engineering ...

[16] NI LabView—The Software That Powers Virtual Instrumentation, com/labview, 2009. ... He is the author of one book on digital ... Source:

Designing Pre-College Engineering Curricula and Technology ...

23 Oct 2009 ... of NI's LabVIEW virtual instrumentation software that is in widespread use in a wide range of ..... of music, with any instrumentation and style, based on musical input such as the ..... starting frequency and spacing, as well as a series of ..... or coauthor of two books, six book chapters, and ... Source:

Electrical Engineering The use of triggered current limiters to ...

voltage systems. Figure 1: High voltage current limiting fuses. ... For high continuous current, the common protection device is a circuit breaker. .... faster repair, and improved protection for plant workers. Application at bus tie ... Source:

Social Engineering - Exploitation of Human Behavior - White paper

The technology-based approach is to deceive the user into believing that he is .... the help of sign in procedures, electronic and biometric security devices etc. ... remote access via modems etc. Automated password reset and ... Source:

LNAI 4953 - A Software Engineering Process for BDI Agents

Padgham, L., Winikoff, M.: Developing Intelligent Agent Systems: A Practical Guide. John Wiley & Sons, Chichester (2004). 5. Bresciani, P., Perini, A., ... Source:


involved in applied ship research and ship design. It has been used already in practical ship design for predicting the viscous flow around the hull, flow ... Source:

EXTENDED ABSTRACT Developing a business model engineering ...

Bouwman, H., et al., Conceptualizing the STOF Model, in Mobile Service Innovation and Business Models, H. Bouwman, T. Haaker, and H. De Vos, Editors. 2008, ... Source:

Program Manager (PM) Software Development Engineer (SDE)

Familiarity with managing complex project schedules, solving complex ... Strong technical prowess, including understanding of algorithms, systems ... Ability to derive creative and innovative solutions by thinking "outside the box" ... Source:

Assistant Professor School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering ...

Design of Mechatronic Systems", Collaborative Design and Planning for Digital Manufacturing, (L. Wang and A. Nee, Editors), Springer, pp. 37-70. ... Source:


In the ENGN4545 project we design and build a complete radiofrequency ... a low cost first principles device whose receiver produces an analogue IF and ... From the practical and the legal point of view, there are a number of LIPD (Low ..... project we build the VCO from scratch using a BF199 transistor which is ... Source:

Newnes Radio and RF Engineering Pocket Book

1 Propagation of radio waves. 1. 1.1 Frequency and wavelength ..... With practical antennas, the power gains of the transmitting and receiving antennas, in dBi, .... trons at, say, the collector of a transistor, and the random division of ... significant in mobile radio applications towards the higher end of the ... Source:

Nanoscale Science and Engineering: Unifying and Transforming Tools

3 Dec 2003 ... Nanoscale Science, Engineering and Technology (NSET) Subcommittee, U.S. National Science and Technology Council. DOI 10.1002/aic.10087 ... Source:

Nanoscale Science and Engineering for Agriculture and Food Systems

National Science and Technology Council's Subcommittee on. Nanoscale Science, Engineering and Technology (NSET). Defense University Research on ... Source: