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FPGA-Based Control for Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Electric ... - Altera

Dec 1, 2013 ... electric vehicle (EV) drive system comprised of a variable-voltage control (VVC) ... IPM Motor Control with DTFC-SVM—Reduces torque ripple ... Source:


Electrical Engineering with a special attention to the fields of Electrical Drives and Power ...... electronics, electromechanical systems (electrical drives),. Source:

SlidingTMode Control and Control of Electric Machine Drive Systems

Sep 18, 2012 ... Book News by Fernando A. Silva and Marian P. Kazmierkowski. 60 IEEE INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS MAGAZINE â–¡ SEPTEMBER 2012. Source:

electric elevator drive with position control - Louisiana State University

Electrical and Computer engineering: Dr. Kemin Zhou, Dr. Alex Skavantos, and Dr. ...... motor controlled by a digital control system to drive a suspension-system  ... Source:

Distributed Control of Electric Drives via Ethernet - DiVA

example in electrical motors, the fast inner current control loop can be closed in the vicinity of the .... chronous Machine Drive Systems with Field Weakening”,. Source:

Knowledge Based Controller Selection For Electrical Drives With ...

and online identification for monitoring the state of the drive system, hence conduct fault diagnostics. 111. MECHANICAL MODEL AND CONTROL CONCEF'I'S ... Source:

Simulation of electric machine and drive systems - Electrical and ...

SIMULATION OF ELECTRIC MACHINE AND DRIVE SYSTEMS USING ... However, certain control strategies may require the adoption of a specific frame, as is ... Source:

Electric Motor Controls Tutorials - Process Control and Instrumentation

1. ELECTRIC MOTOR CONTROLS. Once the proper motor is selected, understanding the many various control devices available and their uses and limitations ... Source:


fundamentals of electrical drives and their design, and goes on to describe different applications as ... General Information about Drive Dimensioning. Disclaimer. Source:


fundamentals of electrical drives and their design, and goes on to describe different applications as ... General Information about Drive Dimensioning. Disclaimer. Source:

Application Guideline for Electric Motor Drive Equipment for

to know how to specify the electric motor drive system and assure that the system ... Many of the components of an electric motor drive system have undergone ...... AC power line as synchronous motor controller is required for rotor control. Source:

Notes for an Introductory Course On Electrical Machines and Drives

8.6 Three-Phase Controlled Converters. 106. 8.7 *Notes ... Machines, Power Electronics and Electrical Drives. They are primarily to ... drives, power electronics or power systems, and plan to take further courses in the field. Starting from basic ... Source:

Ch19 Electrical Machine Drives - Helitavia

tion systems the latter of growing importance for drives employed in an automated environment. 19.2 Fundamental control requirements for electrical machines ... Source:

Drive Technology & Electrical Machines - techno volt

Training Systems for Drive Technology . ... Project-Oriented Learning Media – Tailored to fit all Training Systems . ..... Loss-free Control of Electrical Machines . Source:

Submersible Motor Control Boxes - Franklin Electric

54. Submersible Motor Control Boxes. Applications. QUICK DISCONNECT (QD) &. CAPACITOR RUN CONTROL (CRC). – These control boxes are designed for. Source:


In electrical drive systems this represents the mechanical power ... pay rewards in reduced operating costs and increased life span of electrical equipment. Source:

energy-efficient drives - Siemens

Electric drives represent almost two thirds of the total industrial power demand. First, the bad news: As ... Energy-efficient drive systems can assist companies in a number of ... drives in continuous operation, switching to energy- saving systems ... Source:

Electrical Drives 0903582 2nd Semester, 2009/2010 Faculty of ...

“Electric Drives and Electromechanical Systems”, Richard Crowder, Newnes, 2006. “Power Electronics and Motor Control”, W. Shepherd, L.N. Hully and D.T.W. ... Source:

Sliding Mode Neuro-Adaptive Control of Electric Drives

applied to the speed control of electric drives is presented. The ...... control of electromechanical systems and machine vision. ... Source:

Design of a PM Brushless Motor Drive for Hybrid Electrical Vehicle ...

The drive system is used to repower a hybrid electric vehicle converted from a ... properly control a PM motor and can be provided by position sensors such as ... Source: