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Data Scheduling in Hardware/Software Co-Design for field ...

design method onto the processing modules and the host, providing a ... flexible than a dedicated hardware. Examples for F-CCMs with remote .... sequencer of a von Neumann processor. Note, that a sequence of instructions, .... level hardware/software co-design strategies and accepting X-C source programs ... Source:

A hybrid genetic algorithm for constrained hardware-software ...

as new instructions in a Move processor. Various optimizations are conducted to obtain a clean, ... The codesign of complex digital systems has been success- fully used since the early 90s. ... methods for hardware-software codesign in [ 10], we propose ... dedicated to the formulation of the problem in the context ... Source:

Concepts for Model Compilation in Hardware/Software Codesign

in the domain of hardware/software codesign. It has been applied to many complex embedded systems. ... make a revision of the traditional design methods necessary. ... digital, mixed hardware/software prototype. A formal, executable system model specification ... dedicated custom processor realizes a single model ... Source:

Proceedings Template - WORD

complex digital signal processing (DSP) functions than the processor in use is able to provide. ... Finally, a hardware/software integration methodology enabling ... specific hardware co-processors designed to perform dedicated, ..... method, users are given the flexibility to design and include ... Source:

Co-Design of Massively Parallel Embedded Processor Architectures

plementation in dedicated hardware or the implementation on a given supercomputer. Many intermediate solutions ... †Department of Computer Science 12, Hardware-Software-Co-Design, ... processing (H.264) or other digital signal processing tasks ..... With the method of co-partitioning the operations of the al- ... Source:

Rapid Energy Estimation for Hardware-Software Codesign Using FPGAs

either on soft processors as programs or on customized .... FPGA-based hardware- software codesign. The creation of a .... art high-level modeling environments for digital signal pro- .... System Generator supplies a set of dedicated Simulink blocks ..... chine learning methods within the DSP community is not ... Source:

Xcell Journal Issue 74: General-Purpose SoC Platform Handles ...

co-designs allows you to integrate a. MicroBlaze™ 32-bit RISC processor ... More sophisticated hardware/software co-design methodologies have emerged ... Speed- sensitive tasks are best implemented with dedicated hardware, whereas software programs run- ... flexibility of iteratively improving analog/digital hard- ... Source:

Hardware/Software Co-verification & Co-Simulation Dr. Danny ...

It's possible to run code on models of hardware emulated through dedicated ... capabilities, designers had to face the realities of combining digital computing ... convergence of methodologies for co-design and co-verification and high .... the co-verification processor model is turned into a full functional ... Source:

Hardware-Software Codesign in Embedded Asymmetric Cryptography ...

FPLDs that have dedicated carry logic capability (e.g. modern Altera and ... processor is interesting especially for hardware-software codesign, when opera- .... A method for obtaining digital signa- tures and public key cryptosystems. ... Source:

Design of a Dedicated Processor for AC Motor Control Implemented ...

Having a simple method to modify the softcore enables a more flexible hardware- software co-design. This paper presents a proposed new processor, which makes ... Source:

Hardware/Software Co-Design of an Avionics Communication Protocol ...

Hardware/Software co-design is not a new idea, since designers ... the environment Each of these computers is dedicated to a specific avionics function . ... In data-flow applications, e.g. digital signal processing, the .... relying on code size and pexfonnaoce estimates of the processor; ... Source:

A Heterogeneous Hardware-Software Co-Simulation Environment Using ...

been devoted to such issues as hardware-software co-design and co-verification, virtual prototypes, and heterogeneous sim- ... technologies today several microprocessors, digital signal .... into User Mode Linux as a dedicated process . The boundary ..... ACM and IEEE International Conference on Formal Methods and ... Source:

Hardware-software co-design of embedded systems - Proceedings of ...

7 Oct 2009 ... Methodologies and tools for hardware-software co-design are critical research topics for .... digital signal processing is called a digital signal processor .... often have their own dedicated link to the CPU. Many ... Source:

Design Methods for DSP Systems

Floating-to-Fixed-Point Conversion for Digital Signal Processors, Daniel Menard, Daniel Chillet, ... for high-throughput VLSI dedicated digital signal process- ...... ference on Hardware/Software Codesign and System Synthesis ... Source:

DSP Processor/Compiler Co-Design: A Quantitative Approach

design for digital signal processing and embedded sy- ... cient design methodologies was lower. As second, with .... On the other hand, any type of dedicated ..... Hardware/software co- design of processors: concepts and examples. ... Source:

Early Performance Evaluation using Abstract Hardware/Software Models *

As illustrated in Figure 1, we envision a codesign methodology [6] that supports hardware/software ..... processor, such as a digital signal processor. Because the .... A number of dedicated students have contributed to ... Source:

Chapter 1 Bibs

3.1 Survey of Hardware-Software-Reconfigware Co-Design Methodologies ........... ... 17 .... 5.1.2 Inter-Satellite Dedicated Connections. .... 8.1 Design of a Reconfigurable CELP-based Digital Signal Processor.................... 116 ... Source:

A Platform FPGA-based Hardware-Software Undergraduate Laboratory

dedicated processor as well as FPGA fabric, allowing for a complete hardware- software system to be explored ... design methodologies, aspects of hardware- software codesign ... examples, a digital camera and an MP3 player. Both examples ... Source:

HW/SW Codesign Goals

“Readings in Hardware / Software Codesign”, edited by. Giovanni DeMicheli, Morgan Kaufmann (MK), ... HW/SW size, bus utilization, processor utilization) ... Source:

OOCOSIM - An Object-Oriented Co-design Method for Embedded HW/SW ...

design process. The custom digital hardware is implemented either in a ..... For many years, hardware/software co-design has been well-recognised research area. ... programmable processors and dedicated hardware components communicating ... Source: