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IX-C. Process Variation Tolerant Combinational Circuit Design . 180 ... Source:

Built-In Proactive Tuning System for Circuit Aging Resilience

VLSI circuits in nanometer VLSI technology experience significant aging ... Source:

Analytical Determination of Radiation-induced Pulse Width in ...

R. Garg and S. P. Khatri, Analysis and Design of Resilient VLSI Circuits: Mitigating. Soft Errors and Process Variations, DOI 10.1007/978-1-4419-0931-2 2, ... Source:

Sequential Element Design With Built-In Soft Error Resilience

We present two additional design variations in this section. A. Low-Power EC Design ... a soft error mitigation technique for space and military appli- cations. ..... soft error resilient circuits and fault-tolerant architectures. His Ph.D. research ... design, VLSI design and test, computer-aided design ... Source:

Low-Power Filtering Via Minimum Power Soft Error Cancellation

29 Jan 2010 ... Previous work to mitigate soft errors include prediction ... Source:

Variation Impact on SER of Combinational Circuits

like soft errors. Since the soft error resilience of any device has .... Hence the effect of change of Vth due to process variations ..... for design optimizations in circuits for both power and SER mitigation. .... Ling, Power supply noise analysis methodology for deep-submicron VLSI chip design, Proceedings of ... Source:

Design of Robust CMOS Circuits for Soft Error Tolerance

concern than soft errors in logic circuits. However, as process ... and levels of integration of CMOS VLSI circuits. However, ... aim to build circuits that provide combined resilience ..... variation in generated and propagated glitch width with ... of the strike is mitigated. From this analysis it becomes ... Source:


VLSI circuits and systems, single-event effects (SEE), .... sensitivity/ resilience in these processes. In section 4, we ... mitigating soft errors and showing relative efficiency of .... comparative analysis, Figure 4 shows the resulting upset ... to variations in cell design and nominal operating voltages ... Source:

Soft Error Rate Determination for Nanometer CMOS VLSI Circuits ...

For example, for C1908 circuit with 880 gates, the analysis takes only 1.14 second. .... 2.12 Soft error rates as a function of IC process technology [7]. .... national Conference on VLSI Design [186], (2) the new soft error model and ..... for soft error mitigation. In addition, a built-in soft error resilience ... Source:

Low-Power Soft Error Hardened Latch

some materials from the process, but there is no physi- cal obstacle to cosmic neutrons.1 4 To face this challenge, improved circuit design schemes to mitigate soft error vul- ..... S. Borkar, Measurements and analysis of SER-tolerant latch in a ... and metastability-immune resilient circuits for dynamic variation ... Source:

Low-Power Soft Error Hardened Latch

scan based soft error resilient latch [16] and even transient detection of ... Source:

Soft Error Filtered and Hardened Latch

increasing and so does the soft error rate. Thus more circuit level ... Source:

Impact of Technology and Voltage Scaling on the Soft Error ...

analyze these two circuits in terms of their soft error susceptibility. .... flip-flop consists of two latches, the soft error analysis of a latch extends ... Figures 7(a) and 7(b) show the impact of process variation on voltage scaling ..... Design with Built-In Soft Error Resilience,” IEEE Transactions on VLSI, ... Source:

Reducing Circuit Soft Error Rate (SER): From Combinational to ...

Soft errors, process variations, and device aging phenomena .... flip-flops that are capable of mitigating potential MBU effects ...... “Sequential element design with built-in soft error resilience,” IEEE Trans. on VLSI, Dec. 2006. ... modeling and analysis of transient faults in logic circuits,” in Proc. of ... Source:

Circuits, CAD, and VLSI overview

Greater process variation ⇒ more frequent parametric failure ... Source:

Voltage Smoothing: Characterizing and Mitigating Voltage Noise in ...

challenging in the presence of parameter variations. Process, thermal, and ... Source:

Gu-Yeon Wei

Advanced undergraduate/graduate-level VLSI design project course ... Source:

lock Skew Scheduling for Soft-Error-Tolerant Sequential Circuits

Soft errors, process variations, and device aging phenomena ..... MBU issue by mitigating the occurrence of multiple-bit upsets. ..... “Sequential element design with built-in soft error resilience,” IEEE Trans. on VLSI, Dec. 2006. ... modeling and analysis of transient faults in logic circuits,” in Proc. of ... Source:

ERSA: Error Resilient System Architecture for Probabilistic ...

computation results more stable is an effective way of mitigating the ... Source:

Cross-Layer Resilience Challenges: Metrics and Optimization

context of hierarchical system-level dependability analysis,. e.g., [Goswami ... Source: