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Sailors Adrift: Semiotic Evolution and the Problem of Tradition in ...

The anarchic spontaneity and one-on-one encounters essential to the processional street ... The modern Sailor Mas is rooted in a parody of US Naval ... lucrative and invasive.7 The Sailor costumes of the post-WWII era imitated the typical seaman's ..... the Kalenda evolved as a means for honing martial skills ... Source:

Aging Infrastructure and Smart Grid – Evolution of Control Center ...

management systems (EMS), a key component in control center systems. ... enable operators to see real time snapshots of the power system .... and condition assessment of equipment. Quanta Services now also has an .... interest, and voltage stability margin .... land use analysis, and modern modeling techniques ... Source:

The Evolution of RF Power Delivery In Plasma Processing

and a complex linear solid-state RF amplifier. BEYOND LINEAR: SWITCHMODE TECHNOLOGY .... proprietary RF power amplifier and measurement circuits to ... Source:

In Pursuit of Desktop Evolution: User Problems and Practices With ...

the place where PC users spend a considerable part of their workdays. ... lecturer, 1 teacher, 1 programmer; the group consisted of 7 males and 9 females. ..... status indication that would allow him to know that the system is active .... DOS search command easier to handle, 'cause it was clear what was given ... Source:

Laboratory Evolution of Stereoselective Enzymes: A Prolific Source ...

Asymmetric catalysis plays a key role in modern synthetic organic chemistry, with synthetic catalysts and enzymes being the ... However, these biocatalysts have traditionally suffered from ..... stereoselectivity of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction. Interest- .... Screening genomic libraries from environmental samples ... Source:

Late Tertiary tectonic evolution of northern Iran: A case for ...

Crustal-scale structure of the south Caspian basin revealed by deep seismic reflection profiling. Marine and Petroleum Geology 21, 1073–1081. ... Source:

The Mesozoic–Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the Greater Caucasus

prolongation of the South Caspian Basin (Brunet et al. 2003). ...... Petroleum geology of the Black Sea and Surrounding Region. AAPG, Memoirs, 68, 53–62. ... Source:

The evolution of the southern margin of Eastern Europe (Eastern ...

southern margin of the SP, from the South Caspian Basin to and along the GC ... Source:


quantum mechanics is essential to the development of a successful approach to a quantum field theory with quantum group symmetries. ... Source:

The evolution of microbiological risk assessment (MRA) - Food Micro

7 Jul 2001 ... Schematic presentation of the manner in which microbiologically safe food is produced and the role of risk assessment and risk management. ... Source:

The Mathematical Theory of Thin Film Evolution S ¨uleyman Ulusoy

INTRODUCTION. 1.1 Background and Physical Processes. Thin-film type evolution ..... In the central region the curvature on the film surface is small ... Source:

Usability in Practice: Formative Usability Evaluations — Evolution ...

The research literature on usability testing continues to fall ..... In our work at User Interface Engineering, we've focused ... Source:

Evolution in the E-Learning Systems with Intelligent Technologies

Abstract: In this paper, we present intelligent systems and their ... approaches have been effective for developing technical skills, the same approach has ... Source:

Game theory and human evolution: A critique of some recent ...

brium predictions of game theory models of human behavior using a variety of ...... that players might be using a variety of frames to guide their choices. ... Source:

Congenital Heart Disease in Adults. Considerations about Evolution ...

Congenital heart disease in adults. Arq Bras Cardiol. 2001; 76: 430-6. ...... Late postoperative concerns in adults with congenital heart disease. ... Source:

5 Symbolic Thought and the Evolution of Human Morality

Indeed, the cognitive/neural changes that made one-shot ...... modular binding and the emergence of symbolic reasoning. In nonhuman ... Source:

Technical Training Plan Banner Evolution: Project Horizon

22 Oct 2010 ... LifeLong Learning Registration. • UA Apprentice Registration ... Able to incorporate SSL, redirection, GET, POST, jQuery, JSP ... Source:

Evolution and Applications of Second-Generation Ruthenium Olefin ...

IMes-based systems containing moieties such as vinylidene,19 allenylidene,20 or indenylidene21 were prepared by the Grubbs ..... Olefin Categories Based on Their Metathesis Reactivity ... specific systems employed, the released metal species have ..... Organic Synthesis and Catalysis; Buchmeiser, M. R., Ed.; Wiley- ... Source:

Evolution in materio: Initial experiments with liquid crystal

that can exist in a mesomorphic state [4][5]. Mesomorphic states have a degree of molecular order that ..... target threshold was set to 1.5V (in the middle of input volt- .... Handbook of Liquid Crystals, volume 1,2A,2B,3. July 1998. ... Source:

Evolution in materio: A Tone Discriminator In Liquid Crystal

can exist in a mesomorphic state [4][5]. Mesomorphic states have a degree of ... Source: