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An Efficient Software Transactional Memory Using Commit-Time ...

The Art of Multiprocessor Programming. Elsevier, Inc., 2008. [17] J. R. Larus and R. Rajwar. Transactional Memory. Morgan & Clay- pool, 2006. ... Source:

Synchronization and Chip Multiprocessing (CMP)

21 Aug 2006 ... multiprocessor, and the Sequent Symmetry Model B, a cache .... The Art of Multiprocessor Programming. Annual ... Source:

Smoothed Analysis of Balancing Networks⋆

The Art of Multiprocessor Programming. Morgan. Kaufmann, 2008. [11] M ... Source:

Korn Shell Script Writing

Flow control gives a programmer the power to specify that only certain portions of a program run, or that certain portions run repeatedly. • Korn shell ... Source:

Unix Shell Scripts

that file is called shell script language. Like other programming ... to switch to ksh, I simply type ksh, and a Korn shell will start up for me. .... As an example, suppose we write a shell script which is supposed to have two ... Source:

Unix Shell Scripting Tutorial

shells are SH(Bourne SHell) CSH(C SHell) and KSH(Korn SHell), ..... replace the third test case in the example above with: Unix Shell Scripting Tutorial ... Source:

Scripts to Process perfdump Statistics

Below are the modifications to the Korn shell and the awk script to ... Source:

Desktop Kornshell User's Guide

Session Manager shell script example in the previous section, if the shell script .... Remember that this guide is not a tutorial on KornShell programming. ... Source:

Programmer's Guide

It contains several example scripts of increasing complexity in addition to ... Source:

Manipulating Data - SAS

SAS Programming by Example. Cody_55126Chap1 6/22/99 4:10 PM Page 2 .... SAS Programming by Example. Example 1. Reading Raw Data Separated by Spaces ... Source:

Chapter 1 - SAS

1.3 SAS Program Structure. Now that I have spent a little time on the ... Source:

119-31: How to Grow a SAS® Programmer

Where does a SAS Programmer come from?? Join me on the journey of how one ... Source:

Let SAS® Write and Execute Your Data-Driven SAS Code

statement to immediately run the code SAS generated with DATA _NULL_. The programming example of this technique shows how SAS can automatically generate the ... Source:


In this example, the macro CLAIMREP will generate ten copies of the regular SAS program, one for each iteration of the %DO loop. Each copy will print a ... Source:

43 Problems

SAS Programming by Example. 1-5. Given the raw data file description below, write a program to read this data file. Use starting and ending columns. ... Source:


o Geoff Der and Brian S. Everitt: A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using SAS, CRC. Press, 2009 o Cody, R, and Pass, R. SAS Programming by Example, The SAS ... Source:

Efficient Way to Learn SAS® with Virtually No Cost

Examples from SAS. Programming by Example. By Cody and Pass http://www ... Source:

An Introduction to the SAS System

For example, suppose the SAS program statements to read a file and create a data set are in the system file To process ... Source:

Statistics 135 - Statistical Computing Software

The Little SAS Book - A. Primer (3rd edition), The SAS Insitute. (Ordered by COOP). • Cody R and Pass R (1995). SAS Programming by Example, The SAS ... Source:

Oracle Clinical for SAS Programmers

not need to spend too much time in programming. For example, both can decide to use the consistent variable names so that SAS programmers do not need to ... Source: