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JDA: A Step Towards Large-Scale Reuse on the Web

of reuse-based methods for modern Web applications are high [2]. Efforts such as Back Base [3], .... selected set of software engineering patterns. These patterns ...... compositional software systems that promote reuse. Technologies ... Source:

Automatic Testing of Modern Web Applications in an Agile Environment

Modern web applications using AJAX technology require a slightly modified testing ..... ESA Software Engineering Standards PSS-05-0 development phases ... software development methodologies to create web applications can be considered a ... Source:

Modeling Presentation Layers of Web Applications for Testing∗

Modern web applica- tions are sophisticated, interactive programs with complex GUIs ... Web software is built with many different technologies, ... different software engineering activities by allowing versions of .... callees, or one method calls two different methods, one that defines a data object and the other ... Source:


International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology ... applications. As the modern Web applications are complicated, interactive programs with complex GUIs and ..... ACM Transactions Software engineering methodology 3(3),pp ... Source:

Design Web Services: Towards Service Reuse at the Design Level

“Web Engineering: Introduction and Perspectives”. In: Software Engineering for Modern Web Applications: Methodologies and. Technologies. ... Source:

CloudTest® Strategy and Approach

introduction of load testing methodologies for production environments. .... technologies, information was flowing across the wire in greater quantities than ever before. ... part of the software engineering team. ... changes introducing complexity in modern web apps, we are also facing unpredictability in ... Source:

A-OOH: Extending Web Application Design with Dynamic Personalization

modern Web applications. This adaptivity to individual users or user groups ..... underlying technology. o The different design methods support different .... appropriate software engineering process for their development. This ... Source:

Flexible Specification of Semantic Services using Web Engineering ...

in techniques and methodologies of Software Engineering. ... The combined approach introduces Semantic Web technologies in the develop- .... be invoked by third party applications. In the case of one-way, the WebML specifica- ... In line with the classic Boehm's Spiral model and with modern methods for Web and ... Source:


This paper discusses software requirements engineering in deep with the help of the ... requirements engineering process can be automate by utilizing modern technology ... technologies and methodologies for requirements engineering. ...... Eliciting Web application requirements – an industrial case study, (2007) ... Source:

Extracting Model Clones from Conceptual Schemas - Engineering Letters

Modern web applications support a variety of sophisticated ... software practices, has proposed a number of modeling methods and techniques that offer a ...... 1997), an MSc in Computer Science and Technology. (Computer Engineering and ... Source:


Modern. Web Applications comprises of these client side technologies and server side ...... Java methods on the server can be invoked as if they were local on ..... In the book, Software Engineering for Modern Web Applications, the term ... Source:

Argumentation Technology

the middle ages down to modern times. The study of argument by Indian ... These and other medical applications are reviewed in the paper by Fox and .... methods and knowledge-elicitation and knowledge-engineering methods will prove appro- ... exploiting Semantic Web technologies. It is also likely that the ... Source:

Piggy Bank – IPL proves technology for next generation Internet ...

century look that users have come to expect of modern web applications. ... Re- engineering, on the other hand, is clearly not an easy undertaking, ... IPL is a software & IT services company specialising in the delivery of intelligent ... We explored different designs and methodologies to prove the technology was ... Source:

Categorization of Semantic Web Applications – The Basis for ...

methodology for all Semantic Web applications is not satisfactorily and that ... In general, engineering is defined as a process of physical system implementation, starting from the ... Web technologies, but also because of the changes in the ..... building blocks of a modern Web application. Finally, ... Source:

Modeling Web Business Processes with OO-H and UWE

In contrast, requirements posed on modern Web applications imply to regard them not ...... Being the notation associated with Web Engineering methods and ... Object Oriented Software Technology. Valencia, Spain. [Baresi et al. 2001] ... Source:

Understanding Web Applications through Dynamic Analysis

engineer. The adoption of modern technologies is mostly limited to shorten the implementation ..... web services is described detailing the invoked methods. 4.3 Class diagrams ..... Conference on Computer and Software Applications, ... Source:

Towards a New Methodology for Developing Web-Based Systems

methodology is combination of different traditional and modern software engineering and web engineering ... World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 46 2008 ... the web application: Software applications are generally ... Source:

Model-Driven Design and Deployment of Service-Enabled Web Applications

Categories and Subject Descriptors: D.2.2 [Software Engineering]: Design Tools and ... Web Services have emerged as essential ingredients of modern Web applica - ... In this article, we present a high-level language and methodology for design- ... ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, Vol. 5, No. 3, August 2005. ... Source:

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1 Scaling Software Agility: Best Practices for Large Enterprises İ2007 Pearson Education. Leffingwell, LLC. Whitepaper. Systems of Systems and the Agile ... Source:

Lean|Agile Enterprise Leadership Workshop

Module II – Scaling Software Agility: Best Practices for Large Enterprises. In Module 2, Leffingwell describes the fundamentals of software agility, ... Source: