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Using Regression Analysis as an Analytical Tool - AuditSoftware.Net

R.A. searches for a relationship between a variable of interest (dependant ... all that is needed is a proposed level of marketing (e.g., $100,000 in advertising .... the line rises or falls per unit increase in the dependant variable (payroll hours). ... of unprotected exposure to an airplane's engine noise to the level of hearing. Source:

On-Chip Monitoring for Non- Intrusive Hardware/Software Observability

A Hardware and Software Monitor for High-Level System-on-Chip ..... looking for design errors, during debugging, during optimisation of algorithms, ..... tem, the instrumentation would perform data store operations on the monitor's ... Source:

Physical Principles and Visual-OMP Software for Optimal PCR Design

This chapter will serve to demystify the topic of DNA thermo- dynamics and make it clear why thermodynamics is important for PCR design. ... Source:

Open-Source Software in Computational Research: A Case Study

computational research software Multiphase Flow with In- terphase eXchanges ( MFIX). ..... numerical technique used in the code was changed and ... Source:

Software Engineering Metrics: What Do They Measure and How Do We Know?

29 Jun 2004 ... a specification, and we ignore the reality of error-ridden ... are intrinsically complex. (Like the MTTF analysis above, try this: Lines of code? ..... methods of measurement. To overcome the lack of a measure for an ... Source:

Software Tool For Agent-Based Distributed Data Mining

particular data mining techniques. Instead of this, it ..... Development Kit for Multi-agent Systems Design and. Implementation. In B.Dunin -Keplicz and E. ... Source:


Open source leadership must provide an initial vision, communicate clear procedures and be perceived as fair. If a member is not happy with the actions or ... Source:

A Survey of Usability Practices in Free/Libre/Open Source Software

Asay, M.: Usability, a question of (open source) leadership. CNET (March 25, 2008), ... Source:

Design for testability in hardware-software systems - IEEE Design ...

System level testability in the specification. Our basic principle is that we can ..... Testable VLSI Chips,” IEEEDesign & Test ofcomputers, Vol. 2, No 4, Aug 1985, pp. ... the design of test architectures. Currently, ... Source:

Software Support for Metrology Best Practice Guide No. 1 ...

NPL is the UK's centre for measurement standards, science and technology. ..... or test data. Figure 3.1: A model of a measurement system ... Source:

Documenting Software C, C++ and Java from GUI to API

Documenting. Software. C, C++ and Java from GUI to API by John Darrow. See http: // ... Source:

Integrating HOOPS with JAVA - Tech Soft 3D • Build Better Software ...

area of the application's Graphical User Interface (GUI), by using JAVA ... between the JAVA GUI and the Native Code. Each of these methods is ... Source:

Improving Software Development Using Scrum Model by Analyzing Up ...

solutions for irregular movements on burn down chart. 109 ... of class libraries . Scrum will address totally new or re-engineered legacy systems development efforts at .... JPCap, JFreeChart. Overview: Agile-scrum was implanted from the ... Source:

MeCoSim: A General Purpose Software Tool for Simulating Biological ...

replacing the development of a simulation tool for the sim- ple configuration of a file with ..... (2008), 95–109. [12] P systems web page http://ppage.psystems. eu ... [18] The JFreeChart library website ... Source:

Using SQL Backup Log Shipping to Maintain a - Red Gate Software

Replication is another alternative for maintaining a standby server without automatic ... SQL Backup Pro must be installed on both of the SQL Servers. ... Source:

Hadronic Calibration of the H1 LAr Calorimeter using Software ...

6 Weighting including an estimation of the electromagnetic content of .... are u quark jets simulated in the H1 detector with Monte Carlo methods in a ... Source:

1 F ¸ () The Implementation of Micro-Kernel-Based System Software ...

able to deliver theoretical and technical contributions. .... 7th Int'l. Workshop Languages and. Compilers for Parallel Computing, Lecture Notes in Computer. Science, 892:141-154, .... Bibliography of Parallel Debuggers, 1993 Edition", Proceedings ... [41] Douglas B. Comer, “Internetworking with TCP/IP,” ... Source:

Product Data: ODEON Room Acoustics Modelling Software -Types 7835 ...

For complex models, doing this manually would .... example, missing surfaces are quickly identified by rays that leave the geometry. The other .... CAD software like AutoCAD®, 3ds max, Google SketchUp® and. IntelliCAD® ... Source:

Zen and the art of Free Software: know your user, know yourself ...

'net you're adding a gear to the big machine that gets my work done. ... In the last part („Social Testing and Debugging“) I'll try to show some practical ..... suggestions, examples about user and task analysis on [3]. .... Every extra unit of informations in a dialogue competes with the ... Source:

Software Performance: state of the art and p ers p ectives ...

documents are examples of artifacts. S ince performance is a run time attribute ..... Tokens distributed among places define the state of the net. ... for systems specification, design, simulation, testing, and documentation. ... computational unit, the events that cause a transition from one state to an- ... Source: