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Best Practices for Developing a Web Site

businesses even more creative and interactive ways of promoting brand identity. .... Web Site Anatomy 101. Jupiterimages. The style of your design elements ... Source:

Some Trends in Web Application Development

New Web technologies, languages, and methodologies make .... Software Engineering and Web Applications. Software engineering was born in 1968 as a vision of ..... nents in modern Web applications. Searching and tagging ... Source:

A Software Engineering Approach to Design and Development of ...

exploit modern Web engineering methods, including visual declarative modeling ... executable using standard Web technologies and globally executable across ... Eng. Approach to Design and Devel. of Semantic Web Service Applications ... Source:

Developing Web Applications with Spring and Laszlo

with Spring and Laszlo. Matt Raible ..... <method name=" sendData" args="action"> var d=canvas.datasets.dsSendData; var p=new LzParam(); ... Source:

National Strategies for Sustainable Development: Challenges ...

Strategic and Co-ordinated Action. Based on a 19-country Analysis. Darren Swanson and László Pintér. International Institute for Sustainable Development ... Source:


Laszlo, K.C. (2001). Learning, Design, and Action: Creating the conditions for. Evolutionary Learning Community. Systems Research and Behavioral Science, ... Source:

Contours of a Drug Development Data Warehouse

As part of the D3W data warehouse architecture a hybrid model (partly representational, partly EAV) has been designed for clinical data, for which CDISC ... Source:


and time can be saved during the model creation process. 5. DISCUSSIONS. This paper describes an example of the possibilities to build a data architecture ... Source:

Improving your software development process

Open Source technologies. Author of 'Java Power Tools' (O'Reilly). Writes articles for sites like JavaWorld, DevX and., and blogs on ... Source:


Hanss, M.: Applied Fuzzy Arithmetic. An Introduction with Engineering Applications, Springer, Berlin, 2005. [4]. Hladek, D., Vascak, J., Sincak, ... Source:

A Declarative Approach for Designing and Developing Adaptive ...

In this paper, we present a declarative approach for the design and ... generates e cient introspection and context switching mechanisms. ..... of this class is similar to the use of the SoundEncoder component de ned by hand in the ..... which is a logical formula over class tests (i.e., test that an object is a ... Source:

A Holistic Approach to Develop IS Curricula: Focusing on ...

10 May 2005 ... vendors such as Microsoft and Cisco to provide hands-on experience that ... All students must take a broad-based core of fundamental IS material consisting of ..... frame relay, and switching and VLANs. While Network+ is a non ..... teaching interests include programming languages, logic design, and ... Source:


found to follow either the efficiency based logic or the ... economic and social theories. The markets-as-network approach is developed .... The evolutionary process is not about invisible hands controlling .... In addition, relationships are unimportant, transactions are repetitive, and switching costs are low ... Source:

Business is Good!™ for Developing Strong Leaders!

The deadline for Leadership Boca applications is Friday, ... become a more valuable asset to their employer by providing face-to-face ..... style cabinetry , contemporary clean steel appliances, ... boss that you are at a meeting! surprise treats ... our time, Grammy Award winning Soprano Renée Fleming will ... Source:

A Coaching Approach To Developing Emotional Intelligence In ...

Caruso, David and Salovey, Peter, The Emotionally Intelligent Manager, Jossey- Bass,. 2004. • Cherniss, Cary (Ed), The Emotionally Intelligent Workplace, ... Source:

A Model Of Leadership And Management Practice Development

Their Emotionally Intelligent Manager framework involves; “Identifying emotions” – Reading people; “Using emotions” – Getting in the ... Source:

A Leadership And Management Practice Development Model

developing and using EI within the practice of management. Their Emotionally. Intelligent Manager framework involves; “Identifying emotions” – Reading ... Source:

Measuring Success: Accountability and Professional Development

ods of delivering and evaluating professional development. ... in our evaluation practices. One of the first things we need to change when. A Newsletter from the ... We've been successful at using this method of evaluation which provides .... defining, developing, delivering, and assessing professional development ... Source:

A Review of Literature On Professional Development Content And ...

E. Delivery Methods and Practices............................................... .. ..... Professional development programs and activities frequently evaluate participant ... complex and multi-faceted nature of successful professional development. ..... as a critical factor in defining professional learning needs of ... Source:

A handbook for project managers, developers, implementers ...

Handbook on Performance Indicators for Counter-Trafficking Projects. What Is the Handbook? This handbook is a resource and guide for project managers, ... Source: