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On a IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee to IEEE 802.11 Gateway for the ART-WiSe ...

and the proxy services as two independent sub-modules, nevertheless the proxy service relies on the ZB-DT ... program, running on every WSN node, can be configured .... K. Lawa, Y. Leia, “Two-Tiered Wireless Sensor Network Architecture ... Source:

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strong cup of Java when he is trying to program the ultimate internet golf .... "Tricks of the Mac Game Programming Gurus" (Greenstone, 1995). ... Source:

capaMS&OTv7v1_18.07.12 curva_arte - ResearchGate

systems, umbilical cables, pipelines and risers), ... ocean and river transportation economics, marine engineering and environmental protection, ... Vol. 7 No. 1 pp. 3-13 June 2012. Marine Systems & Ocean Technology. 3 ... Thus, series of a. Source:

capaMS&OTv7v1_18.07.12 curva_arte - ResearchGate

systems, umbilical cables, pipelines and risers), ... ocean and river transportation economics, marine engineering and environmental protection, ... Vol. 7 No. 1 pp. 3-13 June 2012. Marine Systems & Ocean Technology. 3 ... Thus, series of a. Source:

Future EV Pricing

“Pricing for Success: Using Auto Industry Models to Review Electric Vehicle Costing ... If it's successful, the price's primary purpose is to reflect the public perception of the .... plan (customer-oriented pricing, which prices a product based on customer ... vehicle development process and how it applies to EVs. ... Source:


successful are fighting against shrinking market share and over-capacity. .... Managing this complexity has become decisive to successful vehicle development. ... development process recommended by PTC sets a good example to the entire FAW ... PTC's presence in the Automotive Industry. PTC's unique process oriented ... Source:

MB SIM Technology Co., Ltd.

We offer our services throughout the entire automotive product development process and product life-cycle .... Dedicated and market oriented engineering services for electronics solutions .... Successful projects with leading OEMs and suppliers ... Working together with customer on project specification of vehicle ... Source:

DoD Guide to IPPD

DoD Guide to Integrated Product and Process Development .... DoD “Rules of the Road - A Guide for Leading Successful Integrated ... notably in the auto and electronics industry. .... within the teams and their organizations must be team -oriented rather .... processes or managing a process for their customer(s). ... Source:

Framework for Orienting Engineering Undergraduate Final Year ...

activities carried out in a customer-oriented organization, is presented in detail ... for the product development process, which is made ... successful new product does more good for an ... In addition to that, an automobile innovation ... Source:

Structuring Manufacturer-Supplier Interaction in New Product ...

E.g., the better an auto door is at sealing out noise and dirt (a ... development process. Accumulated resources within the customer's domain of expertise ... In contrast to the customer's system-oriented domain of expertise, ..... insufficiently and (2) by not clarifying how to measure successful task fulfillment. ... Source:

Looking back to the future. 15 years of certified environmental ...

The tasks and responsibilities in the vehicle development process. 11. It takes a joint effort. 13. The tools. ... than its predecessor – across the full automotive life cycle. ... particular, 15 years of successful certification by the TÜV ...... In addition to the environmentally oriented vehicle portfolio, ... Source:

Integral Process Engineering for a Smart Series Production

innovative powertrain development, the design process, and the specific requirements associated with production. .... specifically introduced in the automobile in- ... conditions, which are important for a success- ... Business Process Engineering –. Customer Oriented Efficient Solutions. Customer-oriented and ... Source:

bmw alex connecteddrive s5

the structured vehicle development process. ... of architecture and process- oriented thinking”. “We want rooms as spacious and .... of the customer” which underlies the BMW Group's leader- ... The BMW Group is the only automobile manufacturer world- .... result in a successful working relationship with the BMW ... Source:

Lecture No. 23 : Total Product Strength and Organization/Process ...

Organization/Process of Development. Business Administration. Takahiro Fujimoto ... Case of automobile : Overall judgment based on design quality, .... Myers and Marquis: research on features of 567 successful cases of technical innovations in 5 .... Correspondence between customer needs and product specification ... Source:

Key Factors for Successful Logistics

Customer Integration in the New Service Development Process – ... Genetic Algorithms for Stochastic Vehicle Routing Problem with Simultaneous Delivery and ...... A customer value-oriented social process. Journal of Business Logistics, 26 (1), S. 113 – 147. .... pioneering technologies for logistics like Auto-ID. ... Source:

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle and Station Deployment Plan: A Strategy ...

Most automakers have placed fuel cell vehicles with customers, and many plan ... The Honda FCX Clarity was named 2009 World Green Car at the New York Auto Show ... Five new retail-oriented stations were funded and began planning and design during ..... standards development process with specific goals that include: ... Source:

Collaborative Engineering in the Automobile Industry Current ...

Successful leading suppliers have actively defined their own role ..... Seamless integration into working methods/development processes between partners is usually absent ( .... Procurement (customer/OEM), customer-oriented organisation ... Source:


only Volvos and possibly one other automobile make. .... a customer. This most dramatic step, inspired by successful implementations of such systems in ..... The two main processes at work here involve the development of. Anew products. ... Source:

R&D STUDY-version2.0

New customer demands – more safety cars, more customer-oriented cars, urban city ... In the first chapter we analysed the basic world automotive trends and ..... proactive flexibility in operations and processes (product development, ... innovation and investment in R&D provide foundations for a successful future, ... Source:

Integrated build: a new approach to building automotive bodies ...

die design; automotive body development; process capability; lean product .... around the world to create a successful vehicle launch: product design, stamping and ..... It is characterised by a strong customer focus derived from the functional .... This IB oriented design philosophy supports their new material ... Source: