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The FREE books and study aids from Freeload Press and our publishing ... From Other Site : ... Electronic Books/Texts Fiction/Literature/Documents Mathematics Medieval ... A selective, annotated collection of links to PDF text materials for Chemistry. Source:

Antennas for Base Stations in Wireless Communications

Radar, and Imaging (Wiley, 2006) as well as Antenna Engineering Handbook, ..... tion of antennas in wireless communications. They provide perspectives ... Source:

Radio Propagation Fundamentals - Alcatel-Lucent

The engineering of radio systems requires an estimate of the power loss between the ... ceiving antennas is only a small fraction of the radiated power. This. Source:

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Antennas and Propagation for Wireless Communication Systems, 2nd ...

source of information for practising and aspiring wireless communication ... Source:

Intensity distribution of scalar waves propagating in random media

Data for the mean value and variance of ln g are given in the legend. Nstat=7000 for L 256 and is 104 for smaller L. INTENSITY DISTRIBUTION OF SCALAR WAVES… ... Source:

Intensity distribution of scalar waves propagating in random media

Intensity distribution of scalar waves propagating in random media. Peter Markoš . 1,2 and Costas Soukoulis. 1,3. 1. Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa ... Source:

A finite element method enriched for wave propagation problems - MIT

Jan 26, 2012 ... The method combines advantages of finite element and spectral techniques ...... The spectral element method in structural dynamics. Shock Vib ... Source:

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JSP Tutorial - Free

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Finite-difference modeling of scalar-wave propagation in cracked ...

the simplified case of scalar, two-dimensional wave prop- agation in a medium containing ... the scattering of 2-D, scalar waves by many small-scale cracks,. 267  ... Source:

General Laws for Propagation of Shock Waves through Matter

shock waves through any material substance will be presented. It is shown that ... theory is presented in Sections 2.4 and 2.5. Next in importance is the ... Source:

A Reconfigurable Antenna Based on an Electronically Tunable ...

of both reflector antennas and antenna arrays. Reflectarrays have evolved in ... Source:

On wave propagation in laminates with two substructures

6 Aug 2010 ... Berezovski, A., Engelbrecht, J. and Maugin, G. A. Numerical ... Source:

Propagation of acoustic waves as a probe for distinguishing ...

from composite solids to porous media, has been a problem of fundamental ... In this paper we study how acoustic waves propagate in an inhomogeneous medium. ..... width of the coherent wave front for both types of heterogeneous media. ... Thus, we carried out numerical simulation of acoustic wave propagation in a ... Source: