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Core Java Volume II, Advanced Features, 8th Edition, Chapter 9

Safari Bookshelf is an electronic reference library that lets you easily search ... volume of the eighth edition of Core JavaTM, fully updated for Java SE 6. ... (A complete treatment of the JDBC API would require a book almost as ... Source:

Advanced Materials

For instance, the UK is now at the forefront of developing low carbon technologies that ... Innovative advanced materials technologies make a direct and ... Source:


To introduce a typical Java development environment. ... ANS: World Wide Web h ) Java ... f) When a Java program is compiled, the file produced by the compiler ends with the ... —proven architectures for constructing flexible and maintainable. Source:


Sun ships JDK 1.0 ... 6. Java: The Language. Ref: Sun- What is Java? page. October 1999. 7 ... signed); int (32-bit signed); long (64-bit signed); float (32-bit signed); double (64-bit signed) ..... public class TopLevelWindow extends Window. Source:

Internet, HTML, JavaScript, Java Programming, Advanced Java and ...

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. In Spring 2002, a Java Programming class was offered to 26 electrical and computer ... Source:

Paper II Advanced Java

Introduction to EJB, Benefits of EJB, Types of EJB, Session Bean: State ... Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates, Head First Servlets and JSP, ... Source:

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Java Developer's and ...

Problems executing the TimesTen Java demo programs . . . . . . 19 ..... Core Java( TM) 2, Volume I--. Fundamentals (7th Edition) (Core Java 2). ... provides a reference to other features of TimesTen. ...... 22 Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Java Developer's and Reference Guide .... advance by calling the Connection. Source:

Advanced Analytics

examines the latest advancements in analytic tools, practices and techniques. ... Intelligent: Every insight derived from this world of smart devices can lead to incremental .... view to all business-critical applications and systems that rely on correct ..... They are designed to aggregate large volumes of data based on these  ... Source:

Advanced Excel 2010 Advanced Excel 2010

Mar 18, 2013 ... David L. Lawrence Convention Center,. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Advanced Excel 2010. Advanced Excel 2010. What's new in Excel 2010 Intro. Source:

Advanced Reservoir Engineering

Advanced Reservoir Engineering. Course Dates. 18 – 22th July 2011. Course Location. Hydrafact Limited, Edinburgh. Course Description ... Source:

Java statics

Java programmers, like C++ programmers, expect that static instances (namely, ... What's worse, it can rear its head to bite Java programmers in very ... Source:

Java - What's All The Excitement About?

still useful when server-side processing is desired (can also use Java for this) ... (former Sun employee and one of the main members of the Java team) ... Source:

Advanced Technology Center

The Matheson Tri-Gas Advanced Technology Center (ATC), located in Longmont, Colorado, USA, ... carbon dioxide, one of the key impurities in ammonia, may be present in the free ... Hydrophobic materials, such as Teflon, that have been ... Source:

Advanced Pulsation Control

piping design services to develop advanced technologies for compressor manifold and piping system resonance control. Advanced pulsation control techniques ... Source:

Advances in Mechatronics PDF

Advances in Mechatronics, Edited by Horacio Martínez-Alfaro p. cm. ... The goal of this book is to collect state-of-the-art contributions that discuss recent de-. Source:


ADVANCED POWERPOINT WORKSHOP. Audio . ..... Upload images, PDFs, import PowerPoint presentations ... Source:

Business Communication Skills - Advanced

Business Communication Skills - Advanced. LEADING YOURSELF. This intensive one-day course is for people who have attended the Business ... Source:

Business Communication Skills - Advanced

Business Communication Skills - Advanced. LEADING YOURSELF. This intensive one-day course is for people who have attended the Business ... Source:

Advanced Compiler Techniques

Modern compiler implementation in Java (second edition). Cambridge ... Source:

CS193k — Advanced Java

Eckel's Java book, free in online form. ... Source: