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26 Sep 2002 ... solitons in contemporary physics. 15.4 Rotating Fluids: equations of fluid dynamics in a rotating reference frame; ... Source:

Reliability of MEMS for space applications

We examine how MEMS reliability is handled in commercial MEMS devices used ... Source:

Rhomobile | Build Rhodes Application

under MIT license and it is perfectly all right for you to hack it if you want to. ... Tip: to see a log of what is happening on the device, ..... Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to the computer using a USB cable. .... Make sure you cradle your emulator (menu Tools/Device Emulator Manager/Select Running ... Source:

XHTML in Mobile Application Development

Nokia Research Center conducted a usability test for two XHTML ... The tests were carried out with Nokia 65xx mobile phones, running a prototype .... WAP 2.0 is not the only change that the mobile Internet will face in the near future. ... Source:

Business with mobile applications

More than 3.7 million developers, 1.8 million active developers monthly. •7000+ commercial S60 applications; .... Native Java, J2ME MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1 for Series 40 mobile devices. .... (Symbian OS 9.1, Symbian OS 9.2), to be used on Nokia S60 .... MIDP2.0, and with any device supporting Symbian or Windows Mobile . ... Source:

Creating Location- Aware Applications

Developing Software for Symbian OS, Second Edition. Quick Recipes on Symbian OS. This second edition of Developing Software for Symbian OS helps software ... Source:

Outline for Provisional Patent Application

in the Politics of Science," Appendix I in T. E. Bearden, AIDS: Biological Warfare, Tesla. Book Co., P.O. Box 121873, Chula Vista, California 91912, 1988. ... Source:

Digital Logic Design and Applications

Digital Systems Principle and Design - (Raj Kamal), Pearson Education. 2. Digital Logic Design Principles - (Balabaniam), Wiley Publications. ... Source:


24 Jul 2010 ... University of Banjaluka, Faculty of Electrical Engineering,78000 Banjaluka,Patre 5, Bosnia and Herzegovina, .... teenth century was Benjamin Franklin, who argued in favor ... ican Enlightenment and the history of physics for his disco- ... lightning rod, bifocals, the Franklin stove, a carriage odo- ... Source:

Chapter 3 Application Description

This chapter describes the anatomy of the robot (or robot shell) that will be used throughout the work. This chapter also gives a description of the initial ... Source:

Geometric Methods in Engineering Applications

Abstract—In this work, we introduce two set of algorithms inspired by the ideas from modern .... simplicity of the implementation, we adopt the Ricci flow as ..... imaging, computer graphics, geometric modeling and many other fields. ... Source:

Algebraic algorithms and applications to geometry

Algebraic issues in Computational Geometry. In J.-D. Boissonnat and M. Teillaud, editors, Effective Computational Geometry for Curves and Surfaces, ... Source:

Multilevel Analysis: Techniques and Applications

Multilevel regression models for binary and other non-normal data have been ... recommended for meta-analysis. Using standard regression procedures, it is a ... It discusses the profile likelihood method, robust standard errors for ... Source:

Batteries, Transportation Applications

or more electrochemical cells connected in series and/or ...... ''Dictionary of Science and Technology.'' Academic Press, London. Nakai, K., Aiba, T., ... Source:

Application of Thermoeconomics to the Design and Synthesis of ...

but crucial to the design of a cost-effective plant. Design optimization of an energy- ..... design and improvement of real-world thermal systems. ... Source:


some nanostructured materials and also to products incorporating them: • Production of layered nanostructures with control of thickness at the atomic level ... Source:


for applications in nanobiotechnology. For example, DNA has been used to design ..... Yet quite unexpectedly, it turns out that these colloidal ... Source:

Applications of the Rietveld Method Outline

K. Knorr: Applications of the Rietveld Method. MSA Short Course: Neutron Scattering in Earth Sciences. Outline. ▪ General aspects. ▪ low Z elements ... Source:

Molykote® Lubricants for Electrical Applications

automobile electrical components, designers and engineers ... Engine systems need precise mechanical control at each com- ponent. ... Source:

LVDS Application and Data Handbook

Handbook. High-Performance Linear Products. Technical Staff. Printed on Recycled Paper ...... circuits generally share the return path with other circuits, ... Source: