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Databases on the Web: Technologies for Federation Architectures ...

ject oriented programming language Java, and the Object ... The World-Wide Web provides transparent access to dk- tributed documents. .... detection baaed on ECA rules [20], as known from active database systems. Horizontally, ... Source:

Short-Span Seeking Control For Dual-stage Servomechanism In Hard ...

2.2 Applications of 2DOF in HDD servo. The 2DOF control design has been extensively studied for HDD single-stage servo system. Some typical appli- ... Source:

Improvement of HDD Tracking Performance using Nonlinear ...

a parameterized controller for HDD servo systems us- ing the Robust and ... Source:

Intelligent Fuzzy Controller Of Tracking A Hard Disk Drive ...

research community of the hard disk drive servo systems .... Design and Implementation Of A Hard. Disk Drive Servo System Using Robust and Perfect ... Source:

Design of a repetitive controller: an application to the track ...

Abstract: In an optical disk drive servo system, disturbances with significant periodic ... the repeatable runout in hard disk drives by switching filter ... Source:

August 2010 TCS eJournal

This is software to fix and speed up your PC, automatically if you choose. ... Its repair ability is kept up-to-date by access to Tune-up-Definitions, a ... Source:


master or boot drive (drive 0) and the drive attached to the middle ... Source:

You: Programmer and Search Engine Marketer

2 Feb 2007 ... Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & MySQL, 3rd Edition (Kevin Yank,. Sitepoint, 2005). ❑. Teach Yourself PHP in 10 Minutes ... Source:


window. The execution time is was measured using ..... M. Norman, Database Design Manual, PHP şi MySQL,. Springer 2004, 199-203; ... Source:

New Database Middleware Management System for the Report of ...

second function is to be able to allow access through the program to access these tables and to modify .... High Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, Replication, and More. ... Sybex; 2 edition, 736 pages, ISBN-13: 978-0782144369. ... Source:


In spite of many efforts the theory of quantum dissipative systems is far from being completely understood [10, 11]. Recently Enz [12] has given ... Source:

Coupling mechanisms for damped vortex motion in superfluids

2 U. Weiss, Quantum Dissipative Systems, Series in Condensed. Matter Physics Vol . 2 World Scientific, Singapore, 1992. 3 G. S. Agarwal, in Quantum Optics, ... Source:

Analysis of Hater Di stri buti on Networks using MSC/NASTRANQ ...

[3] Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, McGraw-Hi l I ,. 7th Edition, 1967. [4] Streeter, v., "Fluid Mechanics," McGraw-Hill, 1962. ... Source:

Air Pollution Technology Fact Sheet: Momentum Separators

“Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers,” edited by Eugene. Avallone and Theodore Baumeister, McGraw-Hill, New York, NY, 1996. Corbitt, 1990. ... Source:

The influence of low temperatures on dynamic mechanical properties ...

allografts. Cryobiology. 2007; 55(2): 167-70. [13] Menard KP. Dynamic mechanical analysis: a practical introduction. CRC Press. 1999. 158. M. Mardas et al. ... Source:

Computer image analysis in the diagnosis of melanoma

3. Kenet RO, Kang S, Kenet BJ, et al. Clinical diagnosis of pigmented lesions using digital epiluminescence micros- copy: grading protocol and atlas. ... Source:

Clinical photo quiz: a foot problem

CLM is a clinical diagnosis. Peripheral eosinophilia may be observed. Skin biopsy is usually not ... atlas and synopsis of clinical dermatology. 5th ed. New ... Source:

Transport Phenomena in Two-Phase Micro-Channel Heat Sinks

from the device to which the heat sink is attached. The heat can be ..... time interval about 1 to 5 s is illustrated in Fig. 3a . For some .... The individual component in Eq. 4 are evaluated as follows. ..... Ducts: A Source Book for Compact Heat Exchanger Analytical Data, Supl. 1,. Academic Press, New York, ... Source:

Thermal design methodology for high-heat-flux single-phase and two ...

During each test, the flow loop components were first adjusted ... Source:

Experimental and Computational Investigation of Flow Development ...

that is attached to the surface of an electronic device. Typically ... Source: