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Chemical Engineering Science Direct numerical simulation of ...

Direct numerical simulation of particle clustering in gas–solid flow with a macro-scale particle method ... 0009-2509/$-see front matter © 2008 Elsevier Ltd . All rights reserved. ..... Analysis of the flow in inhomogeneous particle ... wave instabilities in liquid-fluidized beds. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 587, ... Source:


Essays in Mathematical Economics, in Honor of Oskar Morgenstern. Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ. ... Utility Theory for Decision-Making. Wiley, New York. Fisher, C. 1962. Linear programming under uncertainty in an lo, space. Oflice of ... A general theory of rational behavior in game situations. ... Source:

On the foundations of electromagnetism

On the foundations of electromagnetism. 493 describes a straight line. ... Source:

Colloquium: Topological insulators

8 Nov 2010 ... In this Colloquium the theoretical foundation for topological insulators ... 2. Topological magnetoelectric effect and axion electrodynamics ... Source:

Synchronization of networks

Synchronization; nonlinear dynamical systems; networks. PACS Nos 05.45.Xt; 89.75 .-k. 1. Introduction. Several complex systems have underlying structures ... Source:

Hypertranscendence of the Functional Equation g(x2) = [ g(x) ]2 + ...

The functional equation. (1.1) g1(x )21g1(X)]2. +cx has a unique non-trivial analytic solution in a neighbourhood of zero. Hence, on setting g(x) g, (x 2)/x ... Source:

Comparative spatiotemporal analysis of fine particulate matter ...

Bayesian maximum entropy analysis and mapping: a farewell to kriging estimators. Mathematical. Geology 30(4): 435–462. Christakos G, Kolovos A. 1999. ... Source:

Darshana Jolts

... a system approaches absolute zero, all processes cease and the entropy of the system ... Matthew Arnold, A Farewell, Poems by Matthew Arnold, Stanza 5. ... Source:

PHAR 7633 Chapter 23 Pharmacodynamic Models and Physiologically ...

26 May 2010 ... The response from antibiotics and anti-cancer drugs may be considered irreversible ... Derendorf, H. and Hochhaus, G. Handbook of ... Simultaneous modeling of pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics: application to d- ... Source:

A Combination of Current– and Ray–Based Techniques for the ...

Issue on Advances In the Application of the Method of Moments to Electromagnetic Radiation and. Scattering Problems. [3] U. Jakobus and F. M. Landstorfer, ... Source:

Calculation of Radiated Electromagnetic Field from Multi-Pair ...

electromagnetic field. Key words: UTP cable, Method of moment, Electromagnetic field, Twist pitch. I. INTRODUCTION. The UTP cable is widely used as various ... Source:

Per-Unit-Length RLGC Extraction using a Lumped Port De-Embedding ...

technique for Method-of-Moments-based electromagnetic analysis,” IEEE Trans. on Microwave Theory and Tech.,. Vol.49, No.4 (2001), pp.624-628. ... Source:

CMOS Operational Amplifier Design and Optimization via Geometric ...

Area: Analog Integrated Circuits. Abstract| We describe a general method for optimized ..... 5 P.R. Gray and R.G. Meyer, MOS Operational Amplifier Design- ... Source:

Web Engineering as a Specialization of Software Engineering ...

text pages, modern web applications are full-size software sys- .... agile methods, assembly of components, prototyp- ing. Technology ... Source:$/sci/pdfs/P525902.pdf

Frobenius action on l-adic Chen–Ruan cohomology

In this section, we review inertia stacks and the induced action of the arith- ...... [11] Y. Laszlo and M. Olsson, The six operations for sheaves on Artin ... Source:


László Dudás. PhD, Associate Professor. University of Miskolc. ABSTRACT ... The action of rolling the Virtual. Sphere lets you specify an arbitrary rotation ... Source:

Arbeitspapier #33-Inhalt-neu

Arbeitspapier 33 · Co-determination in Germany – A Beginners' Guide .... 1/3 representation of employees on supervisory boards of large & medium sized ...... there should be changes, especially whether there should be more ”flex- ... Source:

JaCoWeb Security - A CORBA Security Discretionary Prototype

prototype are described in section 4. Related works are summarized in section 5 ...... feasible, practical and with policies that can be followed and easily ... Source:

Prototype Hierarchy Based Clustering for the Categorization and ...

on classification, centroid and prototype are two equivalent and interchangeable concepts. ..... is more common in practical applications. ... Source:

Relativity for Dummies: Lorentz Transformations Made Easy

Physics 210: Computational Physics. Department of Physics, University Of British Columbia. Vancouver B.C. Canada V6T 1Z1. Relativity for Dummies: Lorentz ... Source: