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Nuclear Cardiology in Singapore: A Review

impact on cardiac nuclear imaging. Myocardial Perfusion Imaging versus the Exercise. Electrocardiogram ... to have clinical and prognostic significance as shown in .... its usefulness in assessment of ischemic heart disease and ... dysfunction: correlation with equilibrium radionuclide ventriculography ... Source:

Soft Computing for Searching the Semantic Web

discuss a mechanism to implement this in conceptual graphs and Fril++, .... based program, i.e. the knowledge representation. An instance ..... Sowa, J.F., Knowledge Representation: Logical, Philosophical, and Computational Foundations. ... Source:

itAIS 2011

Consistent with open innovation approach, firms can profit of their R&D activity by transferring ... Cooperative IT transfer and innovation theory and practice;. - Public-private partnerships for ICT transfer and diffusion ... The theoretical approach of this study concerns the Knowledge Based View, according to ... Source:

Knowledge Production in Networked Practice-based Innovation ...

tific knowledge. The innovation processes are typically cooperative .... in innovation systems: i) knowledge generation and diffusion sub- ..... open-minded situation in which all the co-operators are present in full force (Mutanen 2007) . ... The Lahti Region is moving towards using the interrogative model of ... Source:


new approaches are presented. i E 4 __ _ I _ Q _ g _ __ . ' Keywords - Swarm intelligence, clustering, pheromone; agent. " Q i '1. INTRODUCTION“ I r . .. _. ... Source:

Applying the Levels of Conceptual Interoperability Model in ...

Finally, the recent book on model and simulation-based data engineering uses the LCIM to show functionality and supported concepts of their solution [24]. ... Source:$/sci/pdfs/P468106.pdf

VIVACE project : the cornerstone of Airbus modelling and ...

>Model based engineering. >Multidisciplinary skills and methods. >Early design validation ... Integrated Engineering Data. Management. Simulation management ... Source:

Comparing Hybrid Peer-to-Peer Systems

We also develop an analytic model to describe system performance. ... collected from an actual hybrid P2P system run over a span of 8 weeks. .... From the perspective of one server, users logged on to it directly are its local users. ... Source:

The Performance of Public Key-Enabled Kerberos Authentication in ...

perspective. However, as wireless network speeds increase from current 2G levels to the 3G targets, the proxy can ... C.4 [Performance of Systems]: Design Studies, Modeling ... mobile computing user authentication. The WAP gateway ... Source:

System Performance Characteristics of Centralized and ...

were used to compute metrics for system performance in terms of efficiency and stability. .... explicitly model fuel burn equations, and simply relate ..... quite significant from an operational perspective. For ... Source:

Parallel Tools and Environments: A Survey

SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing. (The presence or absence of any tool in our survey should not be considered as an ... Source:

USERS AND BUILDERS W. K. H. Panofsky”; Stanford Linear Accelerator ...

to single-university management,. A further question which has caused controversy in establishing the right balance in the user-builder relationship ... Source:

Reinforced Masonry Lintel Openings BY JEFF VIDLAK

Structural Masonry Design. System Version 4.0 is available for instant download from NCMA at the modest price of $259. The concrete masonry and clay ... Source:

Harmonics in Power Systems

overview of "The harmonics in power systems", with a synthesis study on three aspects: ... power systems in the presence of harmonics: [Budeanu],. [IEEE]. ... Source:'09/P1.pdf

MSP430 and nRF24L01 based Wireless Sensor Network Design with ...

Design Factors, Requirements and Research issues of wireless Sensor Networks. International journal of Engineering Research & ... Source:

Paper Title (use style: paper title)

[2] A. Baggini (editor), “Handbook of Power Quality”. John Wiley & Sons,. 2008. [3] W. Mombauer, Flicker in Stromversorgungsnetzen. VDE-Schriftenreihe ... Source:

Radiation-Tolerant ProASIC3 Single-Event Latch-Up Test Report

cycle upon the occurrence of a latch-up. Table 2 on page 7 shows the ..... the latch-up on the VCCI. Figure 5: SEL Cross-Section of the A3PE3000L vs. ... Source:

CN1010: RT ProASIC3 Single Event Latch-Up

orbital latch-up rates indicate extremely low error rates in LEO orbit. • RT3PE3000L: Less than 3e-10 SEL/FPGA/day. • RT3PE600L: Less than 2e-12 SEL/FPGA/ ... Source:

Electromagnetic Modeling of Powerline Channel using Multiconductor ...

conductor transmission line modeled using distributed parameters is shown in ... line of the network. This fact helps in the analysis of electromagnetic ... There exist a lot of variables that can be used for optimizing the model and ... Source:

Magnetic Properties of “As-Prepared” and Chemically Modified ...

all potential applications, it is important to study the magnetic properties of carbon nanotubes produced by the. CVD technique. ... Source: