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On the Apparent Transparency of a Motion Blurred Object

respectively; in [10], rotational blur estimation is the basis for a visual ... Source:

Generalized Implicit Functions For Computer Graphics

ometry and Object Modeling; 1.3.7 [Computer Graphics]: Graphics and Realism. Additional. Keywords: Collision Detection, Implicit Surfaces, ... Source:

Design of Virtual Instrumentation for Remote Testing of ...

on LabVIEW, which is acclaimed for its fast responses while testing tachometer and ... 3. Activation of camera. 4. Image Acquisition. 5. Image Processing. ... Source:

The Automated Web Designer Artisteer is the first and only Web ...

a Web design expert, editing and slicing graphics, coding XHTML and CSS, and creating CMS templates and Wordpress themes - all in minutes, without Photoshop ... Source:

The Crystallization of Poly (3-dodecylthiophene) in an Oriented ...

alkyl side chains are not improved yet, even is reduced for both of the oriented solidification conditions. Keywords: Crystallization ... Source:

3D Analysis of Crystal/Melt Interface Shape and Marangoni Flow ...

The solidification takes place as the temperature TC is decreased to. L. Crystal /meltinterface. Li. Mushy region. Boundaries of the mushy region ... Source:

Occupational Health and Safety Code Explanation Guide 2009

include open flames and sparks as well as chemical reactions that create heat. The .... potential fire and explosion hazard, particularly if a potential source of ignition is .... industrial buildings. This assumes that the piping and containment .... ffl CSA Handbook to the Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1, 2002. ... Source:

A Middleware-Based Approach for Mobile Service Delivery

different operating systems and network communication protocols. External Interface Module: The module takes charge of providing usable APIs for different ... Source:

A Programmable Message Classification Engine for Session ...

protocol-level understanding of SIP message structure. When ... Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a control plane for ... Source:

The Advantages of Fuzzy Control Over Traditional Control System in ...

14 Apr 2011 ... The applications in the agricultural areas where. Fuzzy Logic and Expert Systems are used thought to be more productive than ... Source:

Dynamic Characterized Genetic Algorithm for Power Usage Reduction ...

[3] J.S. Blogh, L. Hanzo, “Third-Generation. Systems and Intelligent Wireless Networking –. Smart Antennas and Adaptive Modulation”, ... Source:

A Unified MAC Layer Framework for Ad-hoc Networks with Smart Antennas

of their use in wireless ad-hoc networks that are inherently interfer- ence limited. ... works be developed for ad-hoc networks with smart antennas in gen- ... weights for the antenna elements, the fully adaptive array antennas .... A third and orthogonal possibility is to help minimize power con- sumption. ... Source:

Computation and Communication Refinement for Multiprocessor SoC ...

Refinement for Multiprocessor SoC Design: A System-Level Perspective ... Systems -on-chips (SoCs) implementing text, speech, and video processing ..... system- level application and platform models available enables the designer to ...... this end, we presented a communication-centric approach where abstract ap- ... Source:

A Novel Low-Power Low-Voltage CMOS 1-Bit Full Adder Cell with the ...

does not advance at the same rate as the microelectronics technology. ... Recently, a structural approach towards the low-power adder cell design has been ... Source:

Computation of Nonlinear Filter Networks Containing Delay-Free Paths

INTRODUCTION. The history of audio effects design traces back to the world of ... prevent the final digital filter network to contain delay-free paths. ... parametric equalizers [17], and it has been generalized to linear ..... ber of linear oscillators (19). The number mN of nonlinear blocks ... Source:

Analysis of Automatic Identification Technology-enabled Business ...

Analysis of AIT-enabled Business Process Benefits. 2. RFID Solutions Center .... Commercial customers include organizations with interest in optimization of ... Source:

AIT Business Processes Model for Procter & Gamble - RFID Solutions ...

AIT Business Process Model for Procter & Gamble. Forecasts Opportunities and ... Source:

Enterprise Project Management as a Factor for Success

development and manufacturing projects such as the ... The most significant aspects of PM approaches for many users ... which are sometimes with underlined stochastic time estimates ... risk management is the systematic process of identifying, ..... transformation expertise of IBM Global Services (IGS), IBM ... Source:$/sci/pdfs/P577938.pdf

Exploration and Production

and/or emergency escape devices. API Spec 2C is also not intended to be used for shipboard cranes or heavy .... and moorings is left to the discretion of the user. Pages: 73 ... 2nd Edition | September 2001 | Effective Date: March 1, 2002 ...... rotary hoses; slush pump connectors; drawworks components; spiders not ... Source:


ABSTRACT. This paper considers the design and optimization of thermal systems on the basis of the mathematical and numerical modeling of the system. ... Source: