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Ruby Cookbook: Recipes for Object Oriented Scripting

This cookbook is aimed at people who know at least a little bit of Ruby, ... We devote a few recipes specifically to regular expressions (Recipes 1.17, ... Source:

Platform and Application Adapter Extensibility Cookbook - Oracle

OWB 11.2 Platform and Application Adapter Extensibility Cookbook. 12. MySQL platform defined, and added to the Projects and Locations trees ... Source:

FREE Payroll Book - A FREE Guide to Payroll Basics and Payroll ...

FREE Payroll Book. A Quick Guide To Payroll Basics. Prepared by. Real Business Solutions. Makers of. Payroll Mate, W2 Mate, and Sales Tax Mate www. Source:

The Drupal Cookbook (for beginners)

This tutorial uses HTML and tweaked CSS, but not one line of PHP code. .... Tomcat Servlet/JSP Container mod_aspdotnet ASP.NET Host Interface ... I downloaded the latest stable release. I then unzipped it (using WinZip). .... find something on our new site or have a question about our site or services feel free to ... Source:

CakePHP Cookbook Documentation - Cookbook - CakePHP

5 days ago ... CakePHP Cookbook Documentation, Release 2.x. 4. Finally, you'll need a basic knowledge of the MVC programming pattern. A quick overview ... Source:


Gravitonics is Electronics of the XXI Century, Spartak M. Poliakov, Oleg S. Poliakov ..... Interests: computer engineering, industrial gravitonics. He is a co-author of “Introduction into ...... Law of the Squares Book 4, by John Searl, ... Source:

free download - The Software Conspiracy

For such a small book, this required the help of a lot of people, and I want very ... Kris Shapar, my assistant in 1997 and 1998, combed the Net for ..... little black dot next to that product. What companies want is to have all the ..... tried to create a set of laws that would institute a framework for buying ... Source:

Library 2.0: A Cookbook - Free Range Librarian

Library 2.0 Cookbook A commonsense guide to those perplexing but intriguing new technologies you keep hearing about. K.G. Schneider. October 2006. Source:

Wordpress and Flash 10x Cookbook 2010.pdf - of / :: files ...

file contains your MySQL database, username, and password. ...... Therefore by purchasing Wordpress and Flash 10x Cookbook, Packt will have given some of ... Source:

LINB3.0 Cookbook - Getting Started Guide

Linb3.0 Cookbook - Getting Started Guide. 9/138. Apache server (version 2 and above), php (version 5 and above) and mysql (version 5 and above). At ... Source:

Download - Microsoft

You can create tabular, matrix, and free-form reports. You can ... Source:

Data Provider Cookbook PERL for SOS 1.0 (ASCII)

modules are specifically cited in the “Perl Cookbook” but I actually .... ASCII observation data files from our MySQL database I found the CF Metadata ... Source:

Microwave Engineering

techniques of the previous chapters to practical problems in microwave engineering. We begin with the topic of impedance matching, which is often a part of the ... Source: