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12/9/2009. 6. The Problem is that Humans are Half of the User Interface ..... Design semi-structured interviews based on open-ended questions. .... http:// you- ... Source:

OS selection - Computer Engineering

... Filters, GuardDog; NTP; vsFTPd; OpenOffice (replacement for Microsoft Office Suite) ... Novice administrators really don't know what they are doing! ... The starting software cost for a public, Windows 2000 web server, is effectively over $4000. .... Acquired by Novell in late 2003; Professional attention to detail; YaST ( RPM), ... Source:

Fundamentals of Digital Engineering

Fundamentals of Digital Engineering: Digital Logic. A Micro-Course. R. Katz. Grunt Engineer. Design Engineer (retired). May 21, 2001. Abstract. The basics of  ... Source:

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Linguistics, language research, NLP, language teaching ... English Estonian Finnish French German Greek Gujarati Hebrew Hindi Indonesian Irish Italian Japanese ... If yes: output <c; ni , ci >; Add L1 and L2 examples sentences. 20. 21 . Notes. Source:

Chemical Engineering Department Guide

Textbook: Felder R. M. and Rousseau, R. W. “Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes” John Wiley & Sons. Pre-requisite: CHE 101. CHE 202: Chemical ... Source:

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Jan 14, 2013 ... CSE341: Computer Organization ... Text: Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface, Fourth Edition ... Digital Design. Source:

Electrical Engineering Computer Methods

Text Info: MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications, 4th Edition, Amos Gilat, Wiley ... circuit analysis, communications and signal processing by way of MATLAB ... Source:

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Input output streams- I/O streams, keyboard and screen I/O, manipulators, I/O stream ..... Ethernet, hubs, bridges, switches, wireless links, mobility, PPP, ATM, MPLS, VLAN. ...... Tom White, Hadoop: The Definitive Guide, O'Reilly Media, 2009. 2. Source:

Network Engineering - Vel Tech

7 Ethernet LAN protocol - To create scenario and study the performance .... The Definitive Guide (O'Reilly Networking) , O'Reilly Publication, 1 edition, 2002. Source:

Computer Science & Engineering

Herbert Schildt, “C++ - The Complete Reference”, Tata McGraw-Hill publishing ... Programming in Visual Basic 6.0 By Julia Case Bradley & Anita C. Millspaugh Tata ... Teach Yourself Visual basic 6 By Scott Warner Tata McGraw-Hill Edition. 4. Source:

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PESRB20. Design of steel concrete composite structures ..... S K Duggal, “ Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures”, Oxford University Press, 2007. 3. Course ... Source:

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Open-book, open-notes, etc. ... B&B: 1-4, 6, 10-13, 15, 17, 19, 20, 22-26; Fowler: “ Continuous Integration” ... There will be some questions in which you need to write or modify Java code ... B&B chapter 26; Random Testing; Black-box Testing. Source:

slides - Penn Engineering

Electronic devices; Other papers or textbooks not assigned in class; The papers of ... Testing, chapter 1; Brooks: “No Silver Bullet”; Tsui and Karam, Essentials of ... Source:

Road to becoming a Professional Engineer

Complete two or more years of an accredited engineering program and you may sit for the E.I.T. Receive certificate after graduation. ... The morning session includes 120 multiple-choice questions, worth one ... Mechanical; Industrial; General. Source:

Many Methods - Systems Engineering

This paper models these systems with the following methods: the ... In computer design, these two basic types of systems are called combinational and sequential . ... hydraulic, pneumatic, thermal, economic, chemical and biological systems. ...... modeling and design, Boca Raton FL, CRC Press Inc., ISBN 0-8493-8011-1,  ... Source:

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Duration of Exam. (hrs). Theory/. Lab./Viva. Sess. ST-1.1. Theory of Elasticity. 4 ... Computer Applications in Structural Engineering .... Analysis of thick cylindrical shells with symmetrical leading about the axis, Pure bending of curves ... Estimation of Crack width in Reinforced Concrete Members: Introduction, Factors affecting ... Source:

3 - Pakistan Engineering Council

The later is generally the soil but it may be structural concrete or a steel bridge deck. ... If the rut depth increases beyond 10mm or the beginning of cracking occurs in .... pavement thickness, the umber of load applications required to cause failure, ... Empirical Procedure developed through statistical analysis of the observed ... Source:

STUDY OF IRONCAD - Mechanical Engineering

NISA /COMPOSITES is the most powerful and economical general purpose finite ..... available such as Fracture mechanics, Composite material analysis, Fatigue, ..... of MATLAB functions (M-files) that extend the MATLAB environment to solve ... Source:


M. TECH. PROGRAMMES. ï‚· Environmental Engg. ï‚· Transportation Engg. ..... Inter-Departmental electicve for M.Tech: for Metallurgy, Electronics and Communication Engg. ...... and its applications; Effects on man, material, vegetation, art treasure; Air pollution disasters; Economic Effects of air ..... Advanced Fluid Mechanics. Source:


CMCE 2454/CV 454 Applied Hydraulics: Water Supply & Sewerage Treatment 2 .... Theory and practice of route surveying, including horizontal curves, ... Source: